This Back Bay home with stunning views won't last

Commonwealth Avenue igloo

Bettlebrox ran across this igloo on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

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Only parking

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Is for sleds.

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stay tuned:

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anti-sledding cyclists gathering support on reddit to organize Occupy Igloo drum circle

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Air Conditioner

Someone should put an AC in the side of it and report it to the city.

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Would adding a space heater run afoul of the neighborhood association rules on historic preservation?

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No Sahh

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No sahh. Quinzee is sowth of Wollaston and nawth of Weymouth and Braintree.

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Nah, upwardly mobile Quinzhee

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Nah, upwardly mobile Quinzhee residents move to Weymouth.

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Back Bay Ice Home

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Having spent several hours building this ice home, the kids, as many as 6 Back Bay kids at a time sat inside enjoying chocolate chip cookies. What fun on a snow day! The ice house is still enjoyed by neighbors, passers by and many 4 legged friends!

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Good God

As many as six unrelated young 'uns in a unit? That's an ISD paddlin'.

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It is lasting well

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It is lasting pretty well a whole week, only small 'modifications' (second doorway, pink inside), but its not melted nor given way to the kid seen sitting on top. The weather tomorrow will either reinforce it or wash it away... Bring on the snow and maybe we can make another unit and setup a condo trust.

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You must be a masochist

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to want to set up a condo trust. Or else very lucky if you live in a condo.

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Igloo remodelled as............

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The igloo stood up to the weather, kids, curiosity and yes the dogs for more than a week. The rain on Thursday added too much wieght to the roof leading to a cave-in. However on Friday someone partially rebuilt the walls: the compacted, evelvated floor and surrounding walls has given it a whole new look: anyone in need of an outdoor Pulpit?

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