Community meeting tonight on Roslindale murder

Police and city officials hold a meeting at Sacred Heart Church murder of a high-school senior on Rowe Street. The session starts at 7 p.m. in the lower church, 169 Cummins Highway.



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    Thank you

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    Thank you for sharing this info. I live right near there and otherwise wouldn't have known about the meeting. In fact, if it weren't for UHub, I wouldn't know about much that goes on in my neighborhood.

    Some knew or know

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    I'm engaged at the community center and we were approached for space and offered what was available but the community activists and city officials that are organizing the meeting opted to use the church because it is closer to the neighborhood. Sacred heart School was considered but apparently not available.

    There was/is an active neighborhood organization on the garden side of Cummins but I don't know if they were engaged or not. I am in that area and did not receive any notice from them.

    You may want to speak to city staff to see if there is an active neighborhood association or crime watch group (current rt passed) that you can connect with.

    Keep in mind that city government, including city council, are in a state of re-organizing so some mail lists need to be rebuilt.