Concrete proof the Filene's tower is really happening

Guys pouring cement

Workers this morning began pouring 6,000 cubic yards of concrete for a slab at the bottom of what will become the 50-story Millennium Tower where Filene's used to be in Downtown Crossing.

Suffolk Construction, overseeing the work, says the concrete project - which is slated to include deliveries from 600 trucks over 36 hours - will result in the largest "single pour" concrete slab in the city's history.

Around 11 this morning, we went up to the eighth floor of the parking garage across Franklin Street to take a look. There were three unloading areas where workers let the concrete flow out of two trucks at a time, leading to hoses attached to three large booms (at least one made by Schwing) that workers a couple floors down used to pour the viscous gray stuff into a mesh of rebar.

The overall scene (with the old Burnham building at the top):

Drivers backed up, unloaded their trucks, then left, letting other drivers back up, unload ..:

The concrete must flow:

Lots and lots of rebar:

What would a construction site be without at least one kid looking on in wonder?

Flowing concrete

At least one of the trucks celebrated the Bruins:

Bruins truck

The site is dominated by a tall crane, which was not in use today:



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    did they move jimmy hoffa in it?

    Menino's Hole

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    I thought it was Menino's Hole... more because it had a dirty connotation with it. ;)

    But its still a good sign on both accounts... the sign itself, and that the hole is finally getting filled with someone hard.

    Someone got a good picture?

    Excellent. I tried to take one while they were up, but somebody rushed in front of me and ripped it down :(

    It struck a nerve, obviously.

    Made the sign

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    I'm glad to see people got a good laugh from it. I'm also glad to see it won't have a reason to be any more. :)

    Also, 1 blue oval many more to go? Someone needs to "Ask Mahty" at one of his town hall sessions.

    Good work!

    I hope you also revel in the fact that someone bothered to send a guy in a suit to tear them down!

    It was probably someone from

    It was probably someone from my old department. I could totally see one of us snagging that sign under the guise of "city business" and then hanging it proudly in the office to snicker at for years.

    Filene's Village?

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    Mumbles should have just renamed it a village. Mucxh nicer ring than "hole" or "square" or "corner."

    Great sign, Kaz, and great pics Adam and Datadyne!!