Confession: The back of a 10 bus not the best place for an opium eater

A South Boston man was arrested at Andrew station around 4 p.m. yesterday after a Route 10 bus arrived and a passenger told police a guy in the back was "sniffing and eating" drugs out of an Altoids tin, Transit Police report.

Officers boarded the bus and observed a male, later identified as Robert Hynes, 22, of South Boston seated in the rearmost seat who matched the description. Officers also observed an Altoids breath mint tin can on Hynes' lap. Inside the tin can officers located a small clear baggie containing a brown powdery substance believed to be heroin, a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and 2 pills believed to be a controlled class B narcotic.

Hynes is scheduled for arraignment on drug-possession charges in South Boston District Court today.

Innocent, etc.



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Shits sad

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There are more deaths every year from overdosing on opiates then there is from gun violence in Boston. Only difference is people don't give a shit because the victims are predominantly white.



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You think, if the shooting victims in Boston were predominantly white, no one would care?

I'm thinking that drug addiction is viewed very differently from gun violence.



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Name a single youth program funded by the city in a predominantly white neighborhood? YOU CANT!


name a single city

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name a single city neighborhood in boston occupied predominantly by white people with children. YOU CANT!

West Roxbury

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Which, last I checked, has two city-funded community centers (the Ohrenburger and the Roche) and a city pool.

Next stupid question?


Both are crap

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and one was donated. Dot has a indoor water park, im just pointing out that the majority of city resources go to predominantly African-American communities.

West Roxbury is extremely blessed to have the Roche family involved in our community!


Hey, let's concentrate on Southie

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The Tynan
The Condon
The Curley/L Street Bathhouse, though I might be stretching it a bit.

The reality is, even if Charlestown, Brighton and West Roxbury had all sorts of bells and whistles, those ain't helping a kid in Southie.

Of course, when I was a kid the CYO was also a mainstay. Gatey had a good program, and I am guessing St. Bridget's did, too.


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Deval is creating a database to monitor opiate prescriptions. Im sure it will be as successful as the states new Health Connector.


True, overdose deaths are sad

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But there is a different reason why people don't care.

Though I do feel for the families of the addicts, and it is tragic that people's lives are ended too soon, in the end they made a choice. In the case of firearm or stabbing deaths, their ends are foisted upon them. True, some of the murdered lived lives where such an end is a possibility, but even if you run with a gang, you are not heading out the door every day with the idea of doing something that will end in your death. Heroin users should know the consequences. Sid Vicious od'ed in the 1970s. These kids mostly weren't alive then.

So no, race is not the reason.

"foisted upon them"

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Ya because all gun-violence victims in Boston are upstanding citizens.


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Living a life where death through violence is a possibility is a bit different than engaging in an activity where you have a strong chance of having a medical emergency due to your own actions. For example, those engaged in the "thug life" might try to walk away from that, only to be gunned down due to an old grudge. People try to walk away from drug addled life, which should be encouraged, but when they relapse it is basically on them.

Let's be honest about violence in the city. When the victim is truly innocent, everyone cares. When the victim dies as an end result of their lifestyle, only family and friends care. I worry when the former get grouped in with the latter, like Aaron Hernandez' first (alleged) victims.


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Yes and sometimes kids make stupid "decisions". With the opiates those decisions have terrible consequences and it is a disgrace that more can't be done stop the flow. Big Pharma is coming out with yet another, more powerful opiate. Congress just keeps bending over for them
And often we read on places like this nasty comments about heroin and SB. That is pathetic because all of these recovery houses in SB arevfilledvwith young people from all over the state - many from affluent towns where people think they are untouchable. Wrong.