Connecticut man urged to find own wheels - and caffeine

Boston Police report arresting a man up from the Nutmeg State twice in quick succession early Sunday - the first time for stealing a medallion cab, the second for getting into the front seat of a police cruiser for a little snooze.

Police report that Nicholas P. Cunliffe, 33, of Stratford, was first arrested around 2:50 a.m. after officers on routine patrol noticed him get into the front seat of a cab at Hemenway and Boylston streets and drive away - followed in quick succession by the cab's driver coming up to them and asking them to follow that cab, now about a block away.

Officers activated the emergency equipment (blue lights and sirens) on their vehicle and were able to cut off the stolen vehicle a short distance away.

Cunliffe was booked at D-4 on a charge of larceny of a motor vehicle:

Shortly after he posted bail and left the station, officers observed Mr. Cunliffe asleep in the front seat of a marked Boston police cruiser parked on the street in front of the station. After officers were able to rouse Cunliffe from his nap, he told officers he was just looking for a place to rest. Cunliffe was placed under arrest (again) and charged with Breaking and Entering to a Motor Vehicle. It is unknown how Cunliffe gained entry to the cruiser.

Innocent, etc.



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        "It is unknown how Cunliffe

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        "It is unknown how Cunliffe gained entry to the cruiser."

        It was....unlocked?

        His lawyer is going to get the breaking charge dismissed in a matter of seconds. Kinda sad the officer wrote it up as B&E just to save face. Remember the time that cop hit a baby stroller in a crosswalk in JP during First Thursday, a huge event and wrote it up like the mother threw the kid in front of him?


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        Even if it was unlocked, it still constitutes a "break," as some manipulation was still required to open the door.