Construction in front of the co-op

Construction in front of a co-op grocery store in Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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    Could that be Centre St in JP

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    Could that be Centre St in JP where the current Harvest Coop lives? That three-decker in the background looks familiar, and there were streetcar tracks there.

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    No streetcar tracks

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    The "ties" in back of the steam shovel are for the planks the shovel used to ride up onto the back of the truck - like a modern day Catarpillar tractor that rides on a flatbed because it's too heavy for the road. Love those old steam shovels - classic piece of equipment. Looks maybe Pre-Bucyrus - Brownhoist I think was a company that made things like this - but maybe not these bigger ones.

    Given the Model T or A in the background, clothes etc. - I'd guess between 1915 and 1920.

    Where - who knows. Does look a little like the storefronts along Washington in Rozzie Square where Diane's Bakery is (and trees to the left which could be the park), but that triple decker is definitely not on that corner, but could have been torn down to make room for the inimitable Star Pizza.

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    Am I crazy for thinking this

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    Am I crazy for thinking this is the corner of South and Custer in JP? Where Harvest Co-op is. There are some additional buildings at that intersection now, but it feels so familiar.

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    It's got the same

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    It's got the same whatchamacallits at the roof line.

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    The answer is

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    Essex street between South st. and Atlantic avenue.

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    From the Prince of Darkness website

    The exact name of the Domestic Profit Corporation: A. G. TOMASELLO & SON, INC.
    Entity type: Domestic Profit Corporation
    Identification Number: 777990206
    Date of Organization in Massachusetts: 05-01-1936
    Date of Involuntary Dissolution: 12-26-1944 Last date certain:
    Current Fiscal Month/Day: 00/00 Previous Fiscal Month/Day: 00/00
    The location of the Principal Office:

    Address: 250 STUART STREET
    City or town, State, Zip code, Country: BOSTON, MA 00000 USA
    The name and address of the Registered Agent:

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    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing folks! This is Savin Hill Ave (probably in the 120s) on June 22, 1926

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