Cops try to bottle up Wegmans wine thieves

Wegmans suspect
Wegmans suspect

Newton Police report they are drawing a blanc so far in their search for two thieves with a nose for expensive wines at the new Wegmans on Rte. 9:

Approximately $10,000 worth of wine has been taken. Each bottle is valued over $1,000. Two bottles taken on 6/12/14 and 6/13/14 were 2006 Mouton Rothschild.

If they can't catch the man and woman red handed, police are hoping somebody who knows them will pour out some tips at 617-796-2104.



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Price Skepticism

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According to wine searcher, the most expensive bottle of 2006 Mouton Rothschild goes for $690. Remind me not to buy wine at Wegmans.

Good luck

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Good luck to both of you finding it in stock anywhere at that price as well as crossing your fingers and praying it's not damaged in shipping.

Wine pricing is strange.

I worked briefly for the Bender Family in the 70s, former owners of John Gilbert.

They also have a distribution branch which continues.

The owner, Harold, was elderly when I was there and is probably long gone, but the son, Larry may still be active.

Larry did a wine trade publicity stunt back then where he bought a rare Mouton at auction out west for the then unheard of price of 3 something grand and he drank it in the parking lot with a sub.

But the funny part was how he ended up on a buying run for obscure pomerals and such and came across the same vintage for like 300 bucks in a backwater restaurant cellar.

Things have gone through the roof since then and I don't drink anymore anyway but it is a convoluted market.