Criminal pro tip: Don't try to rob tech startups - they have cameras and nothing to lose

The Boston Business Journal brings us the story of the hapless ne'er-do-well who seemed to think he could pick up a few things in the Winter Street office of Dunwello.

In the video, you can watch the guy come out, then listen into the dialog between him and Dunwello founder Matt Lauzon around 1:35.

H/t Adam Castiglioni.



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    Opportunists of Crime

    I had an extremely similar conversation with a guy when I was working late a couple weeks before Christmas.

    Turns out a door wasn't locking properly. He was apparently wandering around in that hour or so between when most people leave and when you have to sign in with security.

    I knew he was casing the place - maybe looking for a key card, maybe a laptop or other item of value. But it was just him and me, and, even though I have the self-defense instincts of a wolverine, I didn't want any trouble either. So I let him play his "I'm lost and looking for ..." game, I politely told him that the security desk on 1 could help him with that, and I made damn sure that he got in the down elevator and headed down before I started checking our doors (and found the one that wasn't working and reported it to security).

    And, no, it wasn't the same guy. The guy I encountered was actually older, dressed in academic workplace casual attire, and very polite and conciliatory. He had tried the same game to get in to another office, before. I just happened to see him jump back when he looked around the corner, and knew that something was up.

    These folks are sneak thieves - criminal opportunists. They are looking for small cracks in security infrastructure to sneak through to grab stuff. Looks like the old guy I encountered has competition.

    Note to those wondering why calling police might not work: well, how do you hold the guy there without assault? If the intruder hasn't stolen anything, how do you know that they weren't just looking for the "Bank of America Office" or "Jeff"? Have they really committed a crime yet?


    because that's false imprisonment

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    Unless you KNOW FOR A FACT that they've committed a felony, you are dangerously flirting with MA's laws against false imprisonment. We don't want people Playing Cop for a reason.

    Go ahead London.

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    Paging somebody else. Are you there? Go ahead London. 75 35 85 15 5

    Winter Street

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    Winter Street again.Maybe he's the bank robber.

    Typical-This is why criminals keep stealing.

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    Hey Techie how about calling the cops so that they can arrest the guy and he doesn't do it to anyone else. Great video makes for easy arrests and convictions. Why spend the money on the video/alarm system if you are not going to use it. That's right I forgot, you bought the system so the cops can use the video after the guy comes back and kills you. Fool!

    What crime did the guy commit, again?

    He left when confronted. He stole nothing.

    Also, detaining somebody - any ideas on how to do that? Or are you one of those "with my big ass gun" people?

    See comment above about "false imprisonment" given that he stole nothing and left when confronted.

    Also, why would the intruder come back to kill the guy, again? Explain? Why wouldn't he have just killed him right away?


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    Notice the question mark after trespassing because I'm not sure. However, this is private property and not just anybody who doesn't belong there can just waltz right in.

    Trespassing in MA

    Trespassing in MA means refusing to leave after being requested to leave. He DID leave when asked. Had he broken in, then he would have broken a law. But if he just walks right on in, there's technically no laws broken.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, I just play one on UniversalHub sometimes.

    It's called Breaking and Entering

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    Ask any first year law student-Breaking and Entering. Suppose your daughter was in there alone. This guys an obvious creeper. Watch the video. Guilty!!

    No. It isn't breaking and entering

    He came in via the elevator. He didn't break into the office. Trespassing is the worst of it, probably.

    Please. Try again - this time without the appeal to "your daughter".I am a short middle-aged woman who was recently confronted with a similar scenario, while in the office alone. It was no big deal to just secure the premises and report the incident to security, who are in touch with the police. I would hope that my son (or daughter) would have the good sense to show the guy the elevator and get him the hell out of there without escalating it to a physical confrontation.

    duuuuh, no!

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    Wrong!! Go back to class, you didn't learn yet!! No crime was committed.