Criminal pro tip: If you've got a kilo and a half of cocaine and $50,000 on you, don't do anything that might attract police attention

Boston Police report arresting a Randolph man on various charges after a chase that started with officers noticing him parking at a bus stop and ended after, police say, he threw 1.5 kilograms of cocaine out the window.

Police say officers on routine patrol around 8 p.m. yesterday decided to check out a car parked at a bus stop on Columbia Road just past Blue Hill Avenue, because, as alert motorists know, you're not supposed to do that.

Officers attempted to conduct a stop of the motor vehicle for the above parking infraction; however, as soon as the officers activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens), the vehicle accelerated and sped away. After a brief pursuit, officers were able to stop the vehicle near Waumbeck & Warren Streets and place the operator in custody.

A quick radio check revealed that Ernesto Soto, Jr., 40, had a suspended license. Then, police say, officers noticed the plastic bag on the front seat, which they discovered contained $50,000 in cash. And they noticed that the car's right-side window was down, a most unusual occurrence given the relatively chilly temperatures last night, police say. They wondered whether Soto might have thrown something out that window:

Officers retraced the vehicle’s flight on foot, concentrating on the passenger’s side of the road and sidewalk. A short distance away on Waumbeck Street, officers recovered a white plastic bag containing a large brown rectangular package consistent with the packaging and labeling of kilos of narcotics. In the area of Waumbeck and Wenonah Streets, officers located a white brick believed to be pressed cocaine. Further investigation on-scene revealed that both packages tested positive for cocaine, the kilo brick weighing 1,108 grams and the block weighing 492 grams.

Soto was charged with trafficking Class B drugs (200 grams or more) as a second offense, failure to stop for a police officer, use of a motor vehicle without authority, operating with a suspended license and driving to endanger.

Innocent, etc.



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    Yes it is controlled.... what

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    Yes it is controlled.... what is your point? Do you want it to be available over the counter with no controls to anyone for any reason at anytime? Is that your definition of legalization.... no controls on drug availability whatsoever as long as taxes are paid .

    Up to the early 20th century

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    that's exactly the way it was. Even during the Victorian era people brought cocaine, heroin 'OTC', over the counter. Sears sold them complete with a syringe and carryin case. Amphetamines were OTC and very popular during the 1950s, 60s, etc. in the U.S. and elsewhere. JFK used to inject into his leg, and he wasn't doin anything illegal. Rod Sterling was basically high on meth when he wrote and produced the Twilight Zone. LSD was also perfectly legal and OTC durig this period, which many consider a golden age.

    ...durig this period, which

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    ...durig this period, which many consider a golden age.

    Ok, but how do you think that will work NOW?

    Up until the 1960s lots of

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    Up until the 1960s lots of stuff was legal. The hippie era actually ushered in some of the most draconian laws on the books!


    During the Victorian era

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    During the Victorian era people drank radioactive water for all sorts of cures; also ate arsenic for other cures. And then Carters Little Liver pills were sold for digestive problem and many other things. As far as drug medical uses are concerned I think we should follow modern day science rather than Victorian medical science.

    when will be be out?

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    suspended license + fleeing officers + kilo of heroin + second offence divided by "this is Massachusetts" = Mr. Soto back on the streets in no time. and the beat goes on.

    haha, wow, right

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    So, having watched Boston Police drive by 2 and 3 cars parked in bus stops constantly, I really have to ask: what made them care so much this time? Because parking in bus stops, despite the $100 fine, doesn't generate the slightest interest from BPD or even MBTA police (seriously, MBTA police could drive up and down Centre Street early-evening and just RAKE. IT. IN.) The worst I've ever seen are cops pulling up behind someone in a bus stop and tapping the siren or lights.

    Technically they're tow zones. So why the hell aren't people getting ticketed *and* towed?

    Yeah, bikers, they're the ones who are so entitled around here...

    Everything is a tow zone in Boston

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    But the City rarely tows.

    Sure, there probably wasn't much random about this, but seriously, carrying that much coke and $50,000, don't give them a reason to stop you.