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Line at Bayside Expo Center

Paul Nutting Jr. spied the line of people at the old Bayside Expo Center hoping for an extra's role in the Johnny Depp biopic about everybody's favorite murdering psychopathic mobster.



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Quite a few

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Yups and Hips who moved to Southie after seeing Goodwill Hunting thinking they are wannabe gangsters, making fools of themselves. Put the Scally caps away it's spring time.

just go down to any local yup

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just go down to any local yup bar and you can take your pick between the macho juice heads and the guys swearing that any suburb along 495 is in fact Boston

I love that attitude...

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It's always good for a chuckle. I grew up in South Philly, which has a similar "I can do whatever I want because I grew up here and have never lived anywhere else, and anyone who didn't grow up within three city blocks of my neighborhood can suck it" mentality. They even have the exact same "yuppy" label. So, my point is that your attitude is no more unique or special than any other place in the country, and it gets really old. We're all sharing the same planet. No need to lay claim to something simply because you were born here.

Yeah, ok...

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Or maybe this is just part of the film production process and these are aspiring actors who want to get a small part in a Boston film. Put away your inner butt hurt.

Enough Already

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How about some diversity? I'm sure there are gangsters in other ethnicities. This is getting stale.

Yes, it's a shame that there aren't thousands of movies

focusing on the Italian-American mob, the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, the Neapolitan Comorra, British mobsters, the French underworld, the Yakuza, the Hong Kong triads, Mexican narcos, LA gang culture, etc. Modern cinema, with its exclusive obsession with Irish-American Boston gangsters, is getting tired.

Dating myself again...

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But with apologies to Ben Affleck and The Town, the best Boston gangster movie ever made, bar none, was "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" with Robert Mitchum. Who hung with the boyos from Local 25, during filming, for some tips in local hoodlumism.

And when is the Brattle going to do a local film weekend, starting with that movie?

Love that movie

Great scene involving a Bruins game at the old Garden is one of many fine location shoots. The book on which the film is closely based is fantastic, too.

For food nerds, Bourdain did a Boston episode of No Reservations! that was basically an homage to the movie. Short on great food recs (he spends time with Howie Carr, who is such an effing idiot he brings a New Yorker to a Brookline deli that just happens to sponsor his radio show), but long on atmosphere. And Bourdain gets blasted with snowballs by Southie kids. Good times.