DA: Dorchester killer abandoned getaway car, then showed up at police station later in the day to ask where it was

A Dorchester man was ordered held without bail today at his arraignment on charges he put a bullet in the back of another man's head after a Christmas-eve concert.

Ian Holness, 27, stood behind a door as murder and illegal-weapons charges were read against him in Dorchester District Court this morning, frustrating the relatives and friends of Rashaan O'Neil, 36, who wanted to get a look at O'Neil's accused killer.

Assistant Suffolk County DA Lynn Feigenbaum said both men attended a concert at Russell Auditorium on Talbot Ave., in separate groups on Christmas eve, then, after it got out, retired to 92 Wales Ave. - right behind the auditorium - for an after party.

Around 4 a.m., Christmas day, Feigenbaum said, O'Neil was standing in the basement talking to some people when Holness came up behind him with a gun and shot him once in the back of the head.

Virtually the entire party, including Holness, rushed up the stairs and out the doors - although not before one party-goer tried to stop Holness, who waved a gun at him, the prosecutor said.

Meanwhile, O'Neil lay on the basement floor on his side, dying, Feigenbaum said. By the time EMTs arrived, he was "non viable" and declared dead at the scene, she said.

After fleeing the party, Holness got into his silver 2002 Jaguar and sped off - but only after shooting at another car occupied by women who had also been at the hospital - sending one of its occupants to Carney Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries - and then crashing, Feigenbaum said.

She said Holness then ran away - but showed up at B-3 later that day to inquire as to where his car had gone. He quickly retreated when told his car had been towed away for safe keeping, she said.

Detectives arrested Holness yesterday.

Feigenbaum said shells recovered from Wales Street, the crash scene and from inside the Jaguar were all fired from the same gun.

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    The state's definition of a

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    The state's definition of a court appearance should include that a person actually appear in court visible to the judge and public.

    Too bad there aren't more gun

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    Too bad there aren't more gun laws ! This guy could have been aware of them and abided by them !

    Was he hiding?

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    They didn't get around to arresting him until two months later? Is that expected for an arrest warrant for a guy who admitted driving the getaway car the next day?

    Getaway Car

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    If the cops can't track down my getaway cars for me, what good are they?

    I want to

    hear the argument his attorney uses to rationalize this block heads thinking.


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    I did not know that Rashaan's murderer was caught. I normally don't watch the news. So I must also think that my family think that I was aware. I will be at the next court date and trust I will see his face. I love my Rashaan most know him as RayChan. I am his Aunt and I co parent him with his Aunts and Uncle. Forever.