DA: Hyde Park murder suspect asked detectives: 'I just want to know whether he's dead'

Samuel Constant

Samuel Constant: Only 19 when stabbed to death. Source.

A Mattapan man was ordered held without bail today on charges he fatally stabbed a 19-year-old in the Georgetowne development last evening.

At William Earl's arraignment in West Roxbury District Court, Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Tara Burdman said Earl, 20, went up to Samuel Constant on Margaretta Drive around 6 p.m. and, "without any provocation," fatally stabbed him.

Burdman said police found the victim dead on the street when they arrived. They found Earl not long after, with facial wounds and clothes covered in blood, she said.

Earl was taken to a local hospital for treatment, which is where he spoke to homicide detectives, and asked whether "I just want to know whether he's dead," she said.

As the hearing for Earl, who stood behind a door, out of view of court spectators, ended, Constant's mother began keening. "Whoa! My baby! I want to see him!" Court officers promptly cleared the court; the woman's relatives covered her in a shawl as they slowly walked her out of the courthouse.

Innocent, etc.



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Sorry, done

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He was talking to homicide detectives in the hospital he'd been taken to for treatment of his own wounds, according to the assistant DA.


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"I just want to know if I'm being charged with assault or manslaughter, I don't actually care what happened to the victim."



I'm sure he was pondering those differences while stabbing the deceased.


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Some of these comments are disgusting, and maybe it is much easier to blog or comment on something of this tragic nature because it didn't affect you or your family. This is Horrible, and its a bad enough ordeal, then to have to sit back and read a few pompous assholes depiction on what they think happened or fucked up opinion in regards to the Victim!

What do you mean you don't

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What do you mean you don't care about the victim who was a loving son on his way to college that picked his brother up from school everyday and showed nothing but love Fuck You

So pointless...I'll never

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So pointless...I'll never understand what can drive someone to value life so cheaply. As was said by Mr. Eastwood in 'Unforgiven': 'It's a hell of a thing killing a man. You take away all he's got...and all he's ever gonna have".


R.I.P Sam , you'll be missed

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R.I.P Sam , you'll be missed bro. Never would wish death upon anyone but I hate it had to be you


Sam you will be missed , Its

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Sam you will be missed , Its just not sitting right with me that your gone. Im going to Miss you very much & you wont ever be forgotton in my eyes.. I have to be strong knowing that your gone and that everything i do will be for you and make me aim higher for the best.Love you