DA: Family learns not to bring rocks and bats to a gunfight

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports that when a 21-year-old got kicked out of a party on Oak Tree Lane in Revere for brawling, he went and got his pa and a female relative and returned to apply some justice:

The 21-year-old and 50-year-old men are believed to have struck the residence with rocks and baseball bats.

Unfortunately for them, the 77-year-old owner of the house, Robert Distefano, had them outgunned - in the form of a deceased family member's handgun, which he grabbed before confronting them outside:

When the two men approached him, Distefano allegedly fired on them. The 21-year-old suffered critical injuries but is expected to survive after surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the 50-year-old suffered gunshot wounds to his back and arm that are not believed to be life-threatening. Based on all the facts and circumstances available to investigators at the time, Distefano was charged only with unlawful possession of a firearm within a home -- a misdemeanor with no mandatory jail time -- and not with any offenses stemming from the shooting itself. He will likely be arraigned Monday in Chelsea District Court.

Innocent, etc.



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    Yea, I had an image of all

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    Yea, I had an image of all this blog post unwinding in my mind and it made me laugh. 50 year old man? 50 years of tough guy I tell ya


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    whooped by the old man !


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    Sounds like a classy bunch of folks all the way around.

    Are the father and son team getting charged with anything?

    Why was a 21 year old

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    Why was a 21 year old attending a party thrown by a 77 year old?

    Wait a min

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    I've been told over and over self defense just lands the victim in jail, and that protecting ones self with a firearm will lead to the seventh circle of hell being unleashed by the state.

    If either of the yahoos had died,

    you'd probably be reading about such an unleashing. Since the homeowner apparently came up with a .22, or is maybe just a really bad (or really good) shot, we have this instead.

    Don't they say

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    shoot to kill, because we still have civil laws and courts where preponderance of the evidence is weighed? Not that the family couldn't bring a suit anyways.

    I'd argue if anyone died, this guy would still be in the clear. The issue isn't the self defense law, but that everyone and their mother runs to it for being a moron and using a gun to settle a score when they're angry. Of course those people will be going to jail for escalating a situation instead of self defense.

    Actually, no

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    He's being charged for having the gun in his house, not for using it to fend off the family that (allegedly) fights together.

    he would not have been

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    he would not have been charged with anything if he had just taken his beating....a choice he wouldn't had to make in about 46 other states....a victory for liberals everywhere! Hemming an old man up for not filing paperwork! I hope you feel safer!

    Age Matters

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    The "victim" was armed, and threatening an elderly person.

    That probably matters, all things considered. The elderly person lacked other options.