DA: Surveillance video from gas station, drug store led police to livery driver charged with raping passenger, using her credit cards

Hashi K. Said, a.k.a. Said Said, of Quincy, was ordered held in lieu of $35,000 at his arraignment today on charges he raped and robbed a woman who flagged him down in the Seaport district early Sunday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Said allegedly took her to a nearby but deserted location, where investigators believe he got in the rear of the vehicle, sexually assaulted her, and took property that included her iPhone, credit cards, and cash.

Said allegedly transported the victim to a location on State Street, where the victim reported the incident to Boston Police. During the investigation that followed, Boston Police Sexual Assault Unit detectives learned that the victim’s credit cards had been used to make several purchases - including purchases at a Quincy gas station and a pharmacy in Dorchester near the Quincy border.

Detectives obtained store surveillance images associated with those purchases and conducted further interviews with the victim and other witnesses. Based on the totality of evidence available to them, Boston Police arrested Said last night.

Innocent, etc.



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Totally baffling

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In this day and age, for someone to steal credit cards and a phone and then use them, in very public places no less, and think they're going to get very far...just mind-boggling.

I'm glad most criminals are dumb.

Many criminals are very smart--and dumb at the same time.

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Many criminals are also dumb, and yet very smart, at the same time, proving themselves to be remarkably resourceful (in a negative way, of course.). The fact that this driver who had a full time job kidnapped and raped a female passenger is horrendous beyond belief. Here's hoping that the guy gets a long time jail sentence, with no parole. That's what he deserves, imho.


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DA requested $50,000 bail. Also requested he surrender his passport and wear a GPS monitor, both of which the judge agreed to.

A weird case where dumbass

A weird case where dumbass store clerks not checking signature/id on a credit card purchase (a dude with a woman's credit card and her presumably female name no less) helped.