DA: Visiting Marine chases Chinatown purse snatcher for four blocks, tackles him

A Roslindale mugger proved no match for a Marine lieutenant from Corona, CA, who, after hearing a woman screaming on Beach Street, relentlessly pursued him until he captured him for police, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to the DA's office, Demetrick Nealy, 27, grabbed the woman's purse from behind as she walked down Beach around 7:30 p.m., yesterday. She screamed.

"This young man saw what was happening and sprinted into action,” DA Dan Conley said. “He chased the suspect for about four blocks, tackled him, and held him for police."

The DA's office declined to name the officer because he is a crime witness, but did say he is 23.

Two plainclothes State Troopers saw the chase while driving by in their cruiser and caught up to the running pair at Stuart and Washington streets - where the Marine had tackled Nealy and held him on the ground until police could arrive, the DA's office says, adding the woman's purse was on the ground nearby.

Nealy was arraigned today in Boston Municipal Court on a charge of unarmed robbery. Judge Mark Hart Summerville set bail at $5,000.

Innocent, etc.

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        Thank you visiting Marine!

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        Thank you visiting Marine! Love to see good people, who spring into action when necessary!

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        In other news, the visiting

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        In other news, the visiting Marine was pissed to learn the Combat Zone was no longer there. Seriously, though, thanks, Lieutenant!

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        There are still those two strip clubs on LaGrange.

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        I've had it with you Adam

        You're always bashing Roslindale. EVERYTIME some one from Roslindale does something wrong, it's front and center on U-Hub. Maybe you should move back to NEW YORK CITY.

        Etc..., etc... something about space savers

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        The criminals obviously care

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        The criminals obviously care enough about their own neighborhood to not rash it.

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        You've obviously

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        haven't been down the lower end of Washington.

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