Dahill vs. Collins in South Boston?

The Globe's Billy Baker profiles Maureen Dahill, the third candidate in the battle to take over Jack Hart's old state-senate seat, the one who tried to find a bridge between the oldtimers and the yuppies. And maybe buries the lead at the very end of the story, at least for people who like keeping tabs on who's running for what.



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Of course Adam's right

And was wise not to use "lede" in a UH post. However, my father (a journalist and editor for 30+ years) would dismiss your claim that "lede" is in anyway wrong in this context. Common jargon in the biz.

Nomination Paper Pick-Up Form. State Representative.

Nomination Paper Pick-Up Form
State Representative

16th Suffolk Representative District
Name of Candidate. Party
Roselee Vincent. D
Todd Taylor. R
Linda Rosa. D
1/13 George Rotondo. D
1/13 Joshua Monahan. D
1/13 Charles Beard. U

13th Suffolk Representative District
Name of Candidate. Party
12/30 Daniel J. Hunt. D
1/2 Gene I. Gorman. D
1/2 William C. R. Lynch. D
1/2 Liam P. Curran. D
1/2 Paul L. McCann Jr. D
1/16 John K. O'Toole. D

2nd Suffolk Representative District
Name of Candidate. Party
1/9 Cliff Cunningham. R
1/10 Dan Ryan. D
1/10 Chris Remmes. D
1/13 Roy Avellaneda. D

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Thanks for posting this, but what exactly does it indicate; that neither Collins nor Dahill are running as of now? How long do they have to file? Pardon my ignorance of the political process.

Answer the question

what does she have against her hometown? Why is she behind another candidate (who isn't from Southie) putting him up to run against Nick Collins? Maureen made a bad call thinking all the yuppies are behind her, but she didn't count on the longtime residents reviling her. It's not worth throwing your family's name into the dung pile.


The elephant in the room is race

The Globe story buries not only the lead/lede , but barely mentions the real story here, which is race. The threats and hate directed at Dahill are because in the minds of some in South Boston, her candidacy was responsible for a black person winning the seat. The shunning, the threatening phone calls, the accusations of throwing her family name in the dung pile are all from the same old SBIC/ROAR idiots who blame everything on blacks. You know, the old "Whitey kept the drugs out of Southie" crowd. What they meant was that Whitey kept the black drug dealers out of Southie, so the whites could buy their drugs from whites.

Denial is not the answer

Do you have any evidence to the contrary? Are you denying that the old SBIC/ROAR crowd is still out there? Of course they are. And they are the "some in South Boston" that I am referring to. Your question, based on denial and deflection, is one piece of evidence. Ask Dahill how many of those phone calls called her a "n-word lover". You and I both know that this crowd still has a significant presence in Southie.

Townies will never get it

"what does she have against her hometown? Why is she behind another candidate (who isn't from Southie)"

Getting behind someone just because they are from your neighborhood is just plain ignorant. There is a whole world out there outside of SoBo...you should check it out.

- The Original SoBo Yuppie who votes in every election for the least towniest candidate.

Election reform

It would be interesting to see who would have received more than 50% of the vote if we had an election system that was truly democratic. When there are more than 2 candidates, what is needed is a runoff election of the 2 top vote getters, or better yet, an automatic runoff where you vote for your first and second choice, with the second choice only being relevant if no one got more than 50% of the vote. An automatic runoff would save the cost of a a second election on a different date. Instead we have an anti-democratic system which allows less than a majority to win any election with more than 2 candidates.

This is how that teabagger Lepage got elected governor of Maine with 30 something percent of the vote in a three way race. This is how crowded primary races often result in a winner that is not supported by the majority.

Perhaps some of the Dahill voters would have voted for Dorcena-Forry in a run off, perhaps not. We will never know. All we do know is that Dorcena-Forry won with less than 50% of the vote. That's not Dahill's fault, that's the anti-democratic system's fault.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

What this Globe article and subsequent U.H. post are about is just to make Dahill seemingly relevant again. Even if for a few fleeting blog comments for any press is good press. All Dahill wants is attention and that is exactly what she is receiving. She ran with mostly herself in mind. There were no bridges gapped, crossed or built. People are so sad and naive to read one article and take it for surface value; a "poor me" confessional. So give to her the few minutes of fame it took to construct this comment.
For it must be exhausting being a megalomaniac.


Haters gonna hate

I voted for Dorcena-Forry ,and Collins would have been my second choice. I didn't think Dahill was a viable candidate and I think her website isn't much to speak of. However the haters did come out of the woodwork in Southie, and I think that is a legitimate story, not so much the story of Dahill herself. The old time Southie haters are still out there, and it's disgusting.
And regardless of all that, if we had a truly democratic election system, where a winner has to win more than 50%, we probably wouldn't be discussing this. Dorcena-Forry won with less than 50% of the vote and although I supported her, the truth is that the majority voted against her. Change the system and don't blame Cahill.