Daisy Buchanan's getting the boot

The Newbury Street bar will shut this fall, the Herald reports.

Landlord Joseph Cimino was forced to sell after running into financial problems renovating a neighboring building.



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    That guy wearing the tight shorts is named Dexter. 12-13 years ago he told me that he worked at Victoria's Secret.


    Big Penis

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    (made you click, didn't I?)

    Once you said big penis I knew exactly who you were talking about.. :)

    Oh, no!

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    Where oh where will Boston's best athletes go to pick up barely legal women now?


    I can see how that place

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    I can see how that place would attract a sort of person... I have a sweet spot for something like "fancy chinese food" but unfortunately Empire doesn't quite hit that for me.


    This Sucks - For Newbury Street and Boston

    Say what you will, but ever since Charlie's shut down and became a boot store the street seems deader. People really, really hate Daisy's, but of my no more than 10 times in there I'll remember urinating next to Tim Nehring after the Sox clinched the division in 1995 and thanking him for all the work he did for St. Mark's School in Dorchester. This was done after washing our hands of course. I'll also remember John Daly falling flat on his face early on a Friday night in the early 1990's.

    If you are going to go to Daisy's anytime soon, tip TC well. He is a good guy and used anti-Irish slurs on me that I had never heard before while we were in college.

    Can't wait for the latest Paris based cupcake / sneaker boutique to take its place.


    Newbury Street Deader

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    As a 20+ year neighbor to Newbury Street - been noticing the same thing for a year or two. I think part of it may be all the restaurants opening in the Seaport. Used to be tourists didn't have much option - couple places but mostly small and boutiquey in the South End (which is where I usually eat out these days for just that reason) and a couple places popular with the business set downtown. I get the distinct impression a lot of people have abandoned the big Back Bay eateries and trek over to the Seaport now (although my restaurateur friends swear they are doing better than ever - so then there's that).


    St. Mark's

    I went to St. Mark's when Tim Naehring came to visit. He was super nice and spent all day going to each class to sign autographs.


    Happy hours where?!

    I worked for a rather large financial firm in Copley Square, and we would have last minute happy hours at Daisy's. Fond memories of being with friends in the only dive bar on Newbury Street...

    And now I have The Corner Bar around the corner from me in the Leather District/Chinatown.




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    Every time I walked by there I was surprised again that it was still there. I suppose now I will be surprised that it's gone.