Damn the snow: Sullivan's to open Saturday

The Castle Island food stand throws caution to the winds:

Let's tempt fate and tell mother nature we've had enough of this winter! Opening EARLY-this SATURDAY, Feb. 22. Getting the grills ready now...



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No Bikes!!

One of the best things about Castle Island in South Boston where Sullivan's is located is that there is a no bike riding allowed rule. Beautiful. Ordinarily, I wouldn't have a problem with bikers at the Island, but after reading the whiney, obnoxious posts on UHub by all the weird, self entitled bike Nazis, I support the rule 100%. Let them peddle their pampered little hearts out over in Cambridge.


Well at least it was

Well at least it was enlightening to find out about the Ubolt justice that I never knew about. One reason now that I feel the bicycles should be registered and insured , never thought of it before. And also , when walking i will now be prepared with my blackthorne at ready, or at least a nonchalant fore arm shiver if I am encroached upon . Knowledge is power .



Maybe we should restrict cars to the freeways only, then?

Let them drive their wasteful and slothful hearts out of commission making pollution on the southeast expressway! Yeah!

/parallel snark


Not truly enforced

(disclaimer, I don't got to Castle Island as much as I did a few years ago)

I've seen bicycles on the Island. I don't quite see why they should be banned on the path to the Sugar Bowl (the Marine Park side, not so much the sluiceway side), but the paths on the Island are way too narrow for cycling. Being a roller skater, I think my means of exercise might be too much for the Island, so bikers (and skaters) should use courtesy.

Of course, the roads are wide enough to accommodate bicycles and cars this time of year, so I encourage all to visit Sullivan's.

Myself, I gotta work, so I'll be staring out the window dreaming of Sullivan's. And making a resolution to visit (by car, not bike) more often this year.


Sullivan's is good if you have the palette of a 5 year old.

They should tear it down and build a nice high end bistro.

- The Original SoBo Yuppie

I'll be there for fries and

I'll be there for fries and an invigorating brisk walk around the fort. Some people actually say hello when you walk by them -- quite friendly. Good spot for bird watching too: usually see eiders and mergansers during the winter months.