David Ortiz is a busy man

He has no time to wait around for ball 4. Meanwhile, last night up in the broadcast booth, the boys spent a good part of the early innings discussing Jerry Remy's socks. Complete with close ups of said socks (and his loafers).



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    Aww that's so cute, discussing little Jerry's socks. Makes me forget all of the awful things he did that contributed to the death of one young woman and the abuse of several others.


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    I don't remember Jerry harming any young women.

    Not hard to see how some people might lay some blame at Remy's

    feet. Jerry and his wife are alleged to have pressed Jennifer Martel not to take out a restraining order against Jared and to continue to try to work things out just days before the younger Remy murdered her. This despite their awareness of and involvement in helping him escape the consequences of his 20 years of serial abuse of his prior girlfriends, their knowledge of his obvious mental health issues, and so on. I think in the eyes of a lot of folks, Jerry appears to have been an enabler of if not legally complicit in Jared's crimes.

    The key word is...

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    Allegedly. If they did convince Ms. Martel not to take out a restraining order, I'm sure they now feel horrible about it, but there was nothing illegal about it. Obviously they were wrong about a lot of things relating to their son, but it doesn't make them legally complicit in any way. Jared was an adult, and Ms. Martel knew what type of person he was and the issues he had. In the end, there was one person responsible for what happened that night, and he's in jail for the rest of his life. I don't see how getting a decent lawyer for your son when he's in trouble and not being able to cure his mental illness makes Jerry Remy such a horrible guy. If the younger Remy had used a public defender during many of those abuse cases, odds are he still would have been out on the street when he met Martel. Blame the system that doesn't take abuse cases seriously, blame the monster that murdered the mother of his child because she changed her Facebook relationship status. Blame Remy's parents if you'd like, but saying they're legally complicit is just wrong. There has NEVER been a mention of charging Jerry Remy, nor should there be.

    Allow me to aid your reading comprehension

    Try scanning this sentence again until you can parse it: "I think in the eyes of a lot of folks, Jerry appears to have been an enabler of if not legally complicit in Jared's crimes."

    I know he's a beloved local figure. I'm not sure I can entirely absolve him as a parent. I suspect there are reasons that someone labored hard to convince Jared to take the extremely unusual step of pleading guilty to first-degree murder, specifically, to spare Jerry some uncomfortable disclosure that would have tarnished his reputation further, and that also might have paved the way for some serious civil liability. That may yet happen; it just won't be at the public's expense.

    I wasn't referring to "a post"

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    Really, it's Reading 101. You were talking about theoretical people who believe he's legally complicit. I said those who think he's legally complicit are just wrong. If that's not what you think, then I wasn't talking about you.


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    He enabled his son repeatedly over the years, and according to the murdered woman's friends, tried to convince the victim that everything would be ok. I for one cant listen to Jerry yukking it up on NESN any more. It is disgusting.

    Hard for me to tell from a reading of the MLB's official rules

    regarding The Batter: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/official_rules/batter_6.jsp

    Seems to me that you're supposed to stay in the box once the pitcher starts his windup, and even if you don't, the ump can call it a ball or strike as he sees it. (The latter seems not relevant, as the pitch was clearly an intentional ball.)

    Given that leaving the box without being granted time or after the pitcher starts his windup is a no-no, the batter could receive a warning from the umpire, and if he does it again, be ejected.

    I have seen instances (outside of professional baseball) where such an action is called an automatic strike or an out, but that doesn't seem to conform to the MLB's rules.


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    But if I read Rule 6.02 correctly, the ump would have been correct to call a strike.

    It wasn't an obvious ball 4

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    It wasn't an obvious ball 4 when he left the batter's box. The ball was still in the pitcher's hand, and he didn't call time. None of the exceptions in 6.02(c) apply, and I was just trying to read between the lines. It certainly wasn't an out, as Ron asked.

    It looked like a dis to me.

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    It looked like a dis to me. Orto is getting too full of himself , a legend in his own mind. Half of MLB ( National League ) doesn't have his position , and the designated hitter position in the American League has become a light duty , rest up , type of position. But the Red Sox need an iconic player to match the one the Yankees have in Jetz , so there you go, you got what you got , Orto the great.

    The Sox stopped worrying about comparisons to the Yankees

    forever as of 2004. Something about engendering the Worst Choke Ever on the way to three championships in ten years has a way of putting those things to rest.

    I think ownership rates Papi's value less in terms of icon status than dollar signs. In particular, Ortiz inspires a lot of love in young fans. Try polling the kids around you at Fenway on their favorite player, as I do about 20 times a year -- Papi rings in at about 90% with the 12-and-under set. That's probably bigger long-term than his merchandising or current on-field value.

    As someone that tires of Papi

    As someone that tires of Papi's antics sometimes (the non-stop complaining about scoring decisions especially), this one is not much to care about really. It was ball four of an intentional walk. Maybe a little showmanship by him but he's done worse.

    But I assume now that Shank Shaughnessy is done complaining about soccer, his next column from the generator will be about how Papi is showing up the game per usual...