Death at the bottom of a Back Bay elevator shaft

The Boston Fire Department reports a person was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft at 31 St. James Ave. shortly after 10 a.m.

WHDH reports the man tried to jump from a stuck elevator to the basement level, but missed and fell into the sub-basement.



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    He tried to jump out of the stuck elevator

    "According to police, the victim was in a freight elevator that was stuck between the first floor and the basement. He had attempted to jump from the first floor to the basement, but missed, landing 30 feet below in the sub-basement."

    Also Adam, the location pointer is wrong. The pointer is on St. James St. and not St. James Ave.



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    The address of Saint James Ave is correct. I work in the building.


    Address fixed

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    Thanks for catching that.

    As for the incident itself, ugh, that's awful.


    A General Elevator Safety Hazard

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    The hazard of falling back into an elevator shaft while attempting to escape a stuck car is generally known; it's perhaps the most dangerous thing that can happen when passengers don't wait to be rescued by professionals.

    For this reason, many safety codes require a shield underneath the car that restricts the open space, and reduces the chance of such an accident occurring. Undoubtedly the investigation will determine if this particular elevator had such a safety guard.
    from: The Bay Citizen - Death by Elevator: How Activist Daniel Kliman Really Met His End


    Requiring a protective shield underneath the elevator

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    Requiring the installation of a protective shield underneath the elevator, if it doesn't already exist, in order to protect against such deadly accidents from happening is a good idea, I think. Let's hope that they do put in a shield if it's not installed already.


    I work in the building the

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    I work in the building the elevator has a shield and it is an awful tragedy what happened this life is too short god bless