Decepticruiser roams Dorchester

Maserati painted like a police cruiser

The Braintree guy who painted a Maserati to look like a police cruiser spent some time tooling around Dorchester today. Jay Kelly spotted him at Adams and Park streets in Fields Corner.

Of course, the effect that got him in a spot of trouble on the South Shore is lessened quite a bit in Boston, where our police cruisers don't use the black-and-white motif preferred by many of the area's smaller towns.



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    Yup, they sure do

    Like, f'rinstance wasting the taxpayers' money trying to make a ridiculous charge "impersonating a police officer" stick against this guy.

    Silly paint job for a

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    Silly paint job for a Maserati. I'm curious what constitutes impersonating a police officer in MA. No one says he's tried to pull anyone over and he's not flashing blue lights. I've seen security company cars in Boston that look more like a police car than this does. He's a foolish guy, but is his paint job illegal?

    It isn't illegal.

    You need a permit to have blue lights or oscillating lights (or a plate for some lights), but I don't see how driving this car is breaking the law.

    Come halloween

    the officer who wrote the ticket and the chief, who appears to be backing him up rather than disciplining him, could have a field day busting the kids in police officer costumes.

    Like to see the Italian made

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    Like to see the Italian made Maserati...must have disposable cash in his pockets to paint it black and white..

    Mahky Mahk Joke?

    Just thinking that former Dorchester and Braintree (Check your MTV Sports DVD Collection) resident, and recent Transformers actor, Mark Wahlberg might be busting everyone's chops a bit.

    Owner is Transformers movie fan

    The car is not painted to look like a police car, but is painted to look like a decepticon from the Transformers movie (#2, I think) which cloaks itself like a police black & white. This was according to news reports.

    So, the owner is trying to impersonate a movie character, not a police officer. The word "Police" doesn't appear anywhere. Since when is a a black and white paint scheme illegal? I've seen houses with hideous colors and paint schemes, and people wearing hideous clothes, but they don't get arrested!

    Not sure it's painted

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    Someone on another site ( maybe) said it's just wrapped, not painted...much cheaper and easier to change.

    Me? I know who I am!

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    "I'm a dude, playing a dude, disguised as another dude!"

    It' s a car pretending to be a movie character masquerading as a cop car. If everyone involved in that statement is doing a really good job at their mimicry, then he's emulating a cop car just the same. It's a crappy crappy charge to file against him, but it could stick if enough jerks in the system want to penalize him.

    The fact that he doesn't use the actual movie paint job (seen here) which has the word POLICE on the door is in his favor. Unfortunately, he's going to have to ward off the fact that he's put a fake "car number" on it, the "dial 911" logo, and worse of all, "Speed Enforcement" on his back bumper. He's not part of a speed enforcement detail, so why put it on there if you're not going to go all the way with POLICE for obvious reasons.


    Also, Barricade was a Mustang, not a Maserati. Even if it's a body decal, I don't know why you'd do this to a Maserati.

    He should be arrested for

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    He should be arrested for desecrating beautiful Italian sports car. What a moron. I'm sure mommy and daddy worked real hard to get him that car. I bet they're real proud.