Developer ropes in BRA for Navy Yard residential project

Making rope at the Charlestown Navy Yard

Making rope at the Navy Yard before World War II. Photo by Leslie Jones.

The BRA tonight approved a developer's plans to turn the historic but long-vacant Ropewalk building at the Charlestown Navy Yard into a new residential project and museum.

Some 30 of the proposed 90 apartments will be "affordable."

The bulk of the units will be in the long two-story-high Ropewalk building, which stopped making rope for the Navy in 1971. The adjacent Tar House will also be turned into apartments.

Under plans by developer Frontier Enterprises, half the units will have one bedroom each, while 34 will have three bedrooms and the rest two.

Plans call for a 6,300-square foot museum dedicated to Navy rope making - the Navy Yard started making rope at the site in 1837.

Project documents.

Photo posted under this Creative Commons license.



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    Don't you know?

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    People don't own cars anymore, they ride bikes and skateboards.


    this location

    By on

    You don't need a car. Bus boat and walk. No problem. You folks have no clue yet you yammer on


    I actually work in that area

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    I actually work in that area and know that spot extremely well. The 93 sucks, plain and simple. You are a 20 minute walk to either community college or north station. The ferry shuts down at 8:15, if not 6:15.

    People are going to want cars to get to the store for groceries and because they want cars in general



    Then they should live somewhere where they can park. I don't move to Billerica and then demand a bus every 10 minutes.


    Not really

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    People don't want cars. That's why they are moving into the city - to get RID of cars.

    Also, ever here of a thing called Zip Car? Eh?

    I used to work over there and there are plenty of parking spots. Some of my coworkers still lease them and take the boat into the city. There is quite a lot of parking, actually - you have to pay for it if you want it, though. Horrors - you actually have to rent space for your stuff!

    If you want parking and rope,

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    If you want parking and rope, try Cordage Oark in Plymouth. plus the Commuter rail stops there. And it's on the ocean too, boat slips close by. Hidden rail and rope jewel.


    But that building only has

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    But that building only has one door, and isn't the whole Yard a historical district? How are they going to give everybody two exits if they can't change the exterior? Plus there's that whole "hundred years of industrial waste plus forty years of rats and mold" thing.

    Building 108

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    I work in the Navy Yard and am glad to see this building put into use. It's a somewhat attractive building. However, Building 108, which is an old power plant, is right next to it (like 20 ft from it) and is a total wreck, zombie apocalypse-like building with a caved-in roof with trees growing out of it. I understand it's polluted and expensive to remediate, but I'd hate to live next to that thing.