Did coyote finally catch roadrunner?

Looks like the bill to make "Roadrunner" the state song (a measure championed by then state Rep. Marty Walsh and then arts promoter Joyce Linehan has become the Norwegian Blue of legislation.



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      Well that's a bummer

      It would be cool to see this pass. It would also be cool if Aerosmith was deported out of Massachusetts.

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      Better choice....

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      for our tax happy officials would be the J. Geils Band's "First I Look at the Purse"

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      An even better choice

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      would be an initiative petition forcing an amendment to the State Constitution that would ban legislators enacting laws encouraging such juvenile nonsense like "Official State Rock Song" once and for all.

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      "Tax happy officials"

      Mmm. Okay. Not true anymore - see also "we aren't going to spend any money on the MBTA".

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      well at least there's the schadenfreude aspect for Jim and Josh

      While they accomplished nothing for themselves, the Democratic reps from Marshfield and Duxbury get the satisfaction of gratuitously busting the chops of one of the few remaining Republicans in the Senate (and a pretty nice guy actually, he'd be a Democrat in any other state). Stay classy, boys. I'm sure the guys from Aerosmith really give a shit.

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