Do drop in at the Tollgate Inn

Tollgate Inn

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can you figure out where the Tollgate Inn was and when this photo was taken. See it larger.



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    Jos Kern

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    3748 Washington St

    "Tollgate Road" was announced

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    "Tollgate Road" was announced on the bus to Forest Hills. They just took down the remains of it over the tracks.

    Logic says...

    I don't see the flat spot for it now, but the toll road started just below what is now the Forest Hills Station, Washington south of Ukraine.

    Now we have that hidden little joke right below that, the Toll Gate Cemetery, for long-term visitors.

    Found an old billhead: The

    Found an old billhead: The Toll Gate Inn, Tap Room & Restaurant, 3748 Washington Street, 19 Hyde Park Avenue

    Is the bird on the Sterling Ale sign bracket over the door part of the bracket? Or an actual bird?

    My guess is that this

    My guess is that this building was on Washington Street in Roxbury. My thinking is that perhaps the road going through colonial Roxbury neck was a toll road.

    The other side of Forest Hills

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    It's at the site of the courthouse parking lot.

    I'm going to take a random guess of the year as 1898.

    EDIT- I was looking at the tree, which got me to look at the area we all think it is. The building is the residence between Tostado and the Ice Box.

    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing, folks! This is indeed Washington Street at Hyde Park Ave in Forest Hills. The date is April 6, 1908