Do you miss Shelby Scott?



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    Keynote Speaker

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    Shelby Scott was the keynote speaker at my graduation from broadcasting school in 1991. I was valedictorian. It may be a tie as to which one of us is now doing more in the field of broadcasting. Yay, alma mater!

    All kidding aside, she was a very nice person and a great speaker. I hope she has a great gig somewhere in a sunny clime.


    If she the TV reporter sent

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    If she the TV reporter sent out to cover a snow storm and never returned? They wrote a song about her. "Shelby of the Big, Snow Day".

    Remembering Shelby Scott

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    In search of Shelby Scott:

    We never considered Shelby’s reports timely or newsworthy, only because that same weather was often falling outside our own window the very moment her report was broadcasted. But we loved those reports and – mostly – her gusto. Every time we watched her, someone in the room would be yelling, hang on, Shelby!