Dodgemallow matches fierce, bouncy at the Condon School

City Year volunteer Hannah Smith reports on the after-school matches she helps run at the Condon School in South Boston:

All the tables have been moved aside to create an open space, and line up along opposite walls. Students stare intently, leaning forward with one foot out in front like runners at the starting line. Strewn on the floor between them are hundreds of marshmallows. No one blinks. The tension is palpable. A corps member steps forward, raises her arm, "Ready … Get set …"

Students rock back-and-forth in anticipation.



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    ... Then What Happens?

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    Although I can grasp the concept of playing dodgeball with hundreds of marshmallows, I'm bewildered at what happens next. Do the winners get to eat the marshmallows? (or are the losers forced to eat them?)

    Most likely the rigors of the game render the marshmallows inedible. Are they thrown in the garbage or collected to reuse another day? It all sounds like a recipe for a sticky mess that'll wind up attracting rats and roaches. Is there something more to this that I'm just not getting?