Dognapped on Gallivan Boulevard

Max the dog

UPDATE: Max found OK, tied to a post in Quincy.

News around Dorchester reports:

This poor dog is Max. He was taken from the corner of Adams Street and Gallivan Boulevard. The owner secured him to a pole as he had in the past to run into the store. and that is when Someone took him . If you were in the area from 8:00pm- 9:00 pm last night and remember anything please contact Boston Police. The family is obviously devastated.



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    No sympathy

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    This person basically gave the dog away. How do we know that the leash didn't really break or get loose? Assuming it was a person who took the pooch while the owner ran into the store that's low class. No sympathy for the owner as they did it to themselves.

    Great to know, so I can take

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    Great to know, so I can take anything, anytime?
    Awesome. There's a planter on a sidewalk I've been eyeing as it would look great on my backsteps. I'm not sure if belongs to anyone since it's just sitting there I am assuming they are giving it away.


    Saugus PD logic!

    That's some Saugus PD logic, right there. Last year or the year before they were clearing the Saugus Branch to make the Northern Strand Community Trail and some scrappers were stealing some pieces of rails and other metals. I pointed them out to a Saugus cop and he shrugged and said, "Who's to say who owns that stuff? If it's just lying around, anyone can take it."

    This kinda pissed me off, since the entire trail was being built for free in exchange for that scrap metal, and now some people were simply let off the hook for stealing from that.



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    Is it safe to assume you take your high horse into stores instead of tying it up out front?


    Normally, you would be right.

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    However, if a person is so lazy and/or dumb enough to leave their car unlocked with the keys in it (and usually with the engine running) while they run their errand - as I've seen people do numerous times in my 35+ years of driving, I have little sympathy for them if somebody decides to drive away in said car.

    Yes, most reasonably mature people wouldn't take advantage of such a situation. However, why give anyone such an easy opportunity in the first place?


    I've seen it many times myself

    All the same, taking a car like that is still considered grand theft by our legal system.

    Don't get me started on the "scrappers" who, at one time, would take things from driveways that were not theirs and were not being discarded.

    Take your pooches to

    Take your pooches to Provincetown, voted "the most dog friendly place in America" (maybe the world?). Well-behaved dogs are found in most stores and restaurants and for some reason no one makes a stink.

    Ok so

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    So anything you leave outside is fair game? So if you park your car outside can I have it then? Maybe if you leave groceries outside while your carrying others in I can have those too? What's wrong with you? People should be able to leave their dog on a leash attached to a fence without it being stolen. Your the liberal tree hugger who wants to blame the owner and not the criminal who took the dog. Start pointing the finger at the criminal and pull your head out please.

    Anyone who kidnaps a pet

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    should be severely beaten. I hope Max is OK and returned to his owner.


    Great News~~!!! Max is OK

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    The owners were contacted by Animal Control - Max was found tied to a fence at a funeral home in Quincy. They're heading home with him now. If only Max could talk and tell us about his adventure...and describe who took him.


    glad to hear

    Good to hear Max is healthy and safe and sound and back with the humans who love him.


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    Was there a witness to the dog-napping? I only ask because my lab chewed through her leash on several occasions.

    Whatever the reason for his disappearance, I feel for them. Let's hope Max is quickly reunited with his family.

    Keep you eyes open for a dog on the loose.

    Poor Max

    Glad he's ok now, but yeah - this is why I never leave my dog tied up to run into a store or anywhere else. Even if no one stole her, she's slipped leashes, collars, harnesses and everything else I try to put on her. She's got a lot of extra skin around her neck and chest area that make it hard to get a tight fit that isn't choking her. If she was sitting on the sidewalk by herself and saw someone who *might* want to pet her or looked like they *might* have food, I have no doubt she'd pull a Houdini and be down the block with her new friend in no time.


    I actually sought out the data

    Before deciding whether or not I was going to leave my dog tied to a post while running into a store, I called the office at my local precinct responsible for gathering crime statistics, and asked, "Is it safe to leave dogs tied to posts outside stores? Does anybody steal dogs tied outside of stores?" The officer responded, "I could go look it up, but I can tell you right off the bat that I've been doing this for ten years and I can only remember one case, maybe two, tops."

    Based on this information, I decided that tying a dog outside the store while running in (I'm talking about the bank or the hardware store, not a half hour in a department store) was low risk.

    I think the person accusing Max's owner of neglect, or of "basically giving the dog away" is way out of line.


    Great news

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    According to the News Around Dorchester page Max was found and is back with his family.


    Next time just bring him into the Eire

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    They're dog-friendly, as a good pub should be.

    I'm not a big fan of elevating dogs to children status but its a comforting sight to see a well behaved one at his master's feet. Especially in a warm pub on a dreary day.


    But it is pretty cool how you

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    But it is pretty cool how you can spread the word nowadays. Not to long ago a happy outcome would be unlikely. I'd hate to lose one of my wieners :)

    lot's of dogs kidnapped in Pope's Hill Dorchester

    I haven't left my dog outside a store since i saw the video of some kids stealing a little dog from the Morrisey Blvd CVS

    one of my neighbors had a dog stolen from them and then puppy was left in their yard. The original dog was returned too.

    I wish i could take her with me, I like to do my errands on foot or bike. but people suck. after that video, i am even scared to get coffee where i can see her out the window.


    i am even scared to get coffee where i can see her out the window

    I can't remember where I saw this, but I was walking through a city where dogs were banned from shops, and the local merchants had installed walk up windows as a way to get dog walkers to buy coffee, etc.

    Locking leashes

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    Pretty cool thing I saw last week - a leash and collar that lock! It wouldn't thwart someone determined to steal a dog, but it would stop or at least slow down a casual dog thief/prankster.