Don't worry: Elected officials won't really be held hostage at City Hall tomorrow

First responders from across the area will be practicing responding to emergencies at various locations on Saturday and Sunday. Tomorrow, here are the ones you might happen across (there are also sessions at the T's training facility in South Boston and on Moon Island):

  • Old Lincoln School, 194 Boylston St, Brookline, 8 a.m. "Active school shooter response."
  • MIT, 195 Albany St., Cambridge, 11:30 a.m. "Injured officer with tactical medic and EMS integration."
  • Boston City Hall, 1 p.m., "Hostage rescue of elected officials."
  • South Boston convention center, 5 p.m. "Consolidated event with response from SWAT, EOD/K9, EMS and USAR."



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    Careful what you wish for.

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    Careful what you wish for. They could enact a myriad of new "fees" on everything.

    Though I would have no problem having them peg the cost of 30 minutes of on street metered parking to that of a MBTA bus fare. It's silly that it's cheaper to park than it is to ride a bus.

    MBTA = Regional

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    MBTA = Regional, so it isn't Boston's problem alone to deal with.

    That said, I think Mayor Walsh has a nice opportunity here to step up and lead or at least coordinate efforts that address such important regional matters as the MBTA.

    But such things are too often foreign to Boston and vicinity, the land of many small fiefdoms. Lord knows the previous two mayors had little taste for regional stuff.

    I hope so

    Normally a governor would do something like that, but it seems he isn't in the state half the time, if the country. Walsh probably does have enough appeal and time in the Legislature to work regionally.

    It's silly that the cost of a

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    It's silly that the cost of a pine tree air freshener is less than a Zone 10 commuter rail pass.

    It's also silly to insist that every separate aspect of driving, in the smallest increment, be cheaper than the T. Parking is only one marginal cost of driving.