Dorchester man faces life for ramming man to death with his car

A Suffolk Superior Court jury convicted Antwan Wathey, 26, of second-degree murder for using his car to kill a man with whom he'd been physically fighting minutes earlier in 2012.

Wathey faces formal sentencing on Monday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The DA's office provided this account of the death of James A. Taylor at Talbot Avenue and Westcott Street on April 13, 2012:

Assistant District Attorney Masai King introduced evidence and testimony over ten days of trial proving that Taylor was walking with friends in the early morning hours of April 13, 2012, after a night of drinking and socializing. When he got to the area of Talbot Avenue and Norwell Street, he encountered Wathey, with whom he had a prior dispute. The two men argued and then physically fought, but the altercation was broken up. Taylor turned his back and began walking away.

Evidence and testimony showed that Wathey got into his 2000 Mazda Millennia, accelerated down Talbot Avenue, and then intentionally veered into Taylor, causing massive injuries that left him mortally wounded. He was transported to Boston Medical Center, where he died of his injuries.



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    WOW Mark, you're actually

    By on

    WOW Mark, you're actually blaming the driver? There's a first!

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    No, it's not

    > There's a first!

    To be fair, he sometimes makes sensible posts (albeit not all that often). ;~{

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    Second degree in MA is

    By on

    Second degree in MA is equivalent to first degree I all other states. Super surprised he got life

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    Sadly, there will likely be appeals.

    By on

    But not the "here's irrefutable evidence I wasn't driving that car when the man was hit" type (which IMO should be the ONLY basis to appeal a conviction). Much more like "the police didn't dot the 'i's on the arraignment papers" or "I hired an idiot for a lawyer, so I deserve a new trial" type.

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    He'll ultimately be roaming

    By on

    He'll ultimately be roaming the streets in no more than 10 years, my guess.

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