Dorchester man gets life after admitting he killed elderly neighbor

Tu Nguyen, 31, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder yesterday for the 2012 death of Mary Miller, 72, in her apartment at 45 Codman Hill Ave., the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The verdict means a mandatory sentence of life, but with possibility of parole. Should he get out, however, he would then have to spend 10 more years in prison for burglary, the DA's office says.

Had the case proceeded to trial, Assistant District Attorney David Fredette would have introduced evidence and testimony suggesting that Nguyen, who lived on the second floor of the building, gained access to Miller’s first-floor apartment through a window and stabbed her to death.



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      She was a wonderful woman,

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      She was a wonderful woman, who is still very much missed by her grieving family, particularly her granddaughter who was there when she was murdered.

      Of her murderer, I have nothing to offer than this: he should never be released from jail.


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      I have to believe that people can change. Because if it's really true that a stabber's just a stabber, that rehabilitation isn't possible, that people can't change, and a person can never improve, then I can't improve either. Which means I'm already the best I'll ever be, and if that's the case, what's the point?

      May her memory be a blessing

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      And may she rest in peace. I fear her kin will find little solace in the justice system. I fervently hope they peace in heir faith or elsewhere.