Dorchester murder victim identified

Boston Police identified the man shot to death in a car on Cawfield Street in Dorchester on Thursday as 28-year-old Gilson Semedo, 28, of Roxbury.



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    This guy was all over the place. Attempted Murder, Assault, Heroin Dealing, High Speed Chases, Unlicensed Firearms. Surprised he was out on the streets, o wait this is Mass.....

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    Regardless of his past he was still loved and cherished by many and was always there to help... So before u talk down or bad about someone I loved u should make sure your hands are clean.. Just another one hating.. If u don't have nothing nice to say then simply shut up... I knew Gilson most of my life and I'll say this no one is perfect... But he really was the sweetest man I knew, a great father, brother, son etc.. I'll always remember him for what he was, not for what he did.. Remember this 2 wrongs don't make a right.. This killing each other had to stop...

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