Dorchester murder victim leaves daughter, six months

Trevain Keene

Boston Police have identified the man shot to death on Callender Street Friday evening as Trevain Keene, 22.

He leaves his wife Ashley and their daughter, Aminyah, born last July. He is also survived by his mother, three brothers and a sister.

His friends in the Woodrow Avenue area knew him as Freshy Laflynn, the name he used as a member of a rap group, the Wavy Boyz.



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    He leaves his wife Ashley and

    He leaves his wife Ashley and their daughter, Aminyah, born last July. He is also survived by his mother, three brothers and a sister.

    Well, that's partially correct (can't always go by FB "facts"). Just sad all around. I'm so sick of this shit. Thanks for adding a story to the statistic.



    It does become the most dangerous job at some point in their life. A logger can can walk away from a tree that looks unstable, a fisherman can choose not to go out during a bad storm, a cop can't just say "I'm not going after that guy, he might have a gun" when he gets a call on the radio.

    Actually that happens all the

    Actually that happens all the time... the cop can just say he "lost" the guy. Cops usually don't after the guy until 15 other cops arrive (backup) and 4 swat units roll up, kinda like cops did in the North end for ONE stolen car yesterday.. smh

    Upon arriving home from work

    Upon arriving home from work one evening, you find someone very unstable inside your home. Do you call:
    a. logger
    b. manicurist
    c. farmer
    d. police
    e. all of the above.

    I don't mean to come off as rude but really, you want to walk up to the car with tinted windows you just pulled over at 3am? You want to go into that domestic dispute? Feel free.

    Not all cops are good guys, we know that but to disparage that profession just isn't right.
    Dont know about you but they'd be the first I call if I found someone in my home
    (oops, I just gave you the answer)


    So. Your point is ...

    You would call a cop to do the job a cop is paid to do, and that somehow makes being a cop the most dangerous job even though it objectively is not? Oh, and saying that policing isn't the most dangerous profession, when it is clearly not the most dangerous profession, somehow disparages police officers and police work?

    Not sure what your point is, here, exactly.


    The 10 Deadliest Jobs:

    The 10 Deadliest Jobs:

    1. Logging workers
    2. Fishers and related fishing workers
    3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers
    4. Roofers
    5. Structural iron and steel workers
    6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors
    7. Electrical power-line installers and repairers
    8. Drivers/sales workers and truck drivers
    9. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers
    10. Construction laborers

    I think you are mixing apples and oranges here. Police do have dangerous jobs but they are not the most dangerous in the country, as this list clearly cites.

    Not exactly

    A logger can say "I'm not cutting down this particular tree, it looks unstable and could crush me. I'll cut down that other one instead." Same for the fisherman - "I'm not going out today, the waves are too big, I'll go out tomorrow instead." A cop, on the other hand, can't say "I'm not responding to that domestic shooting/barricaded gunman call, I'll wait for a call that doesn't involve a gunman instead."


    some trees may look stable but they are trees and if they fall incorrectly, they can kill. There are many variables in play in the art of tree cutting.
    So it has more to do with someone just walking away from a dangerous looking tree! And the same with fisherman. Storms can and do pop up when one is out on the ocean and without forewarning.

    But it is more than that. Logging and being a fisherman are jobs and like anyone who has a job, walking away may cost that person his or her job.

    And actually, a copy could say 'heck, I don't feel like getting shot at today" and miss the call to follow your logic, so, honestly, I am really not sure what is your point!


    How is correctly noting that police work is not as dangerous as other professions "talking shit about cops"???

    And why does a non-cop pointing this out bother you?


    Who writes these articles? That it that all you can say about this man fb facts?......what happened how did this occur......a lil article about a gf and step kid is irrelevent to the victim

    Why it's important

    It puts a face to the victim - and the people he left behind - rather than just leaving them as some dry statistics to back up your prejudices about "those people" or "that neighborhood."

    Yes, three or four sentences and a photo gleaned from Facebook and Twitter isn't much, but it's more than just a statistic.

    And, yes, ultimately, we want to know who did this and why, but until a suspect is in custody - or the subject of a search - police aren't going to tell us, except possibly for a vague statement about how it might be gang related.


    Tho this young man may have a

    Tho this young man may have a lot of ppl who love him & ppl who may ask "why Freshy" "he didn't deserve this" but when u do things like rob ppl girls in all folks shud ask the question: is it really worth loosing ya life??? Its sad this kid was murdered but my advice to all u kids out here, DONT DO GRIMEY SHIT & STOP TRYING TO REP STREETS & HOODS THAT DONT GAF ABOUT U & YOURS...its not worth the pain it causes ya fam & its def. Not worth loosing ya life....