Dorchester residents discover banging pipes weren't due to furnace, but to guy trying to steal their pipes

Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man they say they found under the basement stairs of the home at 5 Leroy St. early this morning.

Police say they were called around 2:15 a.m. after the resident's girlfriend heard "a loud bang" from the basement:

Officers observed that the door leading from the basement to the first floor was closed, and the safety latch was still intact. The officers announced their office and entered the basement. The officers then observed an unknown male lying underneath the basement stairs. The residents of the house reported they did not know this male, and he was not a welcome guest in their house. After searching and clearing the remainder of the house and finding no other intruders, officer observed numerous copper plumbing pipes cut and arranged on the floor in the basement near the hot water boiler. The officers observed a pipe cutter located on top of the boiler. The officers spoke with the residents of the house, and they stated the pipe cutter did not belong to them. The pipe cutter was seized and turned in as evidence.

Stephen Furr, 48, was charged with breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, malicious destruction of property and possession of burglarious tools, to wit, a pipe cutter.

Innocent, etc.



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      Our neighbors, who knew that their house was about to be foreclosed upon, took every inch of copper pipe out of there and sold it.

      We never noticed that they were doing this. We only found out when the guy who bought the house told us. We wondered what was taking so long for them to move in, and he explained that he had to install a new heating system and do a lot of plumbing work because the former owners had ripped out everything.


      Single-digit low temp

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      Gee, I think I'll just go and take apart a heating system. Not like anybody might, you know, notice this?



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      The only reason someone would do something this stupid is that they need money for drugs. The guys at the scrap metal place must really encounter the lowest of the low.


      Some blame for the junk yards

      Last year a guy in Woonsocket stole the old bronze railings off a church. The only way he got caught was another customer saw them and dimed him out. I say bust the junkyard for receiving stolen goods and all of a sudden they will police themselves a bit better. The heck with the guy with the slashed tires. Sting the copper thieves and the junkyards. Fifty bucks worth of copper scrap for three thousand in plumbing bills...


      Three grand in plumbing bills?

      The trespasser should be executed and his organs sold off to pay the debt. I mean, if you're stealing somebody's pipes for cash, then your life appears to be quite literally worthless.


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      You fucking trashbag. I hope you never in your life have to experience the things that lead a person to such low depths.


      Well, if I'm the trashbag

      Then what do you call a guy who breaks into somebody's house and destroys their hot water in February? If you believe in honor among thieves, then maybe you should give your home address to this guy.

      No, really, do it. His name is in the article. Have him come to your house and take your pipes next time he demands cash to buy something that he put into his body voluntarily in the first place, assuming he's feeding a drug habit. Call me queer, but I don't want my water being tampered with at a four-figure expense, so if you have a better idea for subsidizing this piece of crap, I'm all ears.


      Please demonstrate

      EXACTLY how this "tough on crime" violent and brutal bullshit has shit all to do with deterrence.

      Or move to China where they MUST have NO CRIME because torture and cruel and extreme punishment aren't prevented by their most basic governing documents.

      It almost seems like your schooling utterly lacked any and all education regarding the US Constitution. Either that, or you are willfully idiotic and obtuse as to why we don't operate like China.


      He can't steal anybody's pipes if he's dead. And I would say that "cruel and unusual" is open to interpretation.

      I mean, if an interpretation of the Constitution can lead to a binding law that dictates I buy health insurance or pay a fine, then I would say the entire document is useless at this point.

      Do you guys remember those 2

      Do you guys remember those 2 state workers who stole part of the Longfellow Bridge a few years ago? It cost half a million dollars to reconstruct, and they only got like $10k for it at the scrap yard.


      Stolen Longfellow Bridge Ironwork

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      This picture shows a span of the Longfellow Bridge before the DCR employees stole the historic ironwork plates, which are located just beneath the railings:

      In this picture, just one piece of the ironwork is missing, right above the "clearance" sign:

      These last two pictures show the bridge after all of the ironwork sections were removed and sold for scrap by DCR employees. An ugly black tarp covers the area where the stolen ironwork used to be:

      More Pictures - Longfellow Bridge - Stolen Ironwork (before and after)