Downtown Tello's bites the dust

Tello's shut

The Downtown Boston BID reports the Washington Street clothing store has joined that great pedestrian mall in the sky.



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They got their info from me.

Remember the Tello's on

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Remember the Tello's on Border street , East Boston the wooden spiral steps , 1978 /1979 The Disco music playing in the store, The Jordache jeans, The Clipper jeans (comes with a clipper) and The Sicily jeans.. Originally Vitello's but shorten to Tello's, I may be wrong but that's what I knew back then.


Border Street Tello's

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That Tello's is still there on Border St! Crazy, tiny club clothes that the locals think are just fine for the supermarket or the prom.


They were called Sisley Jeans

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And to this day I can still hear my mother: "Sixty dollars for a pair of jeans, are you out of your fucking mind?" They were standard issue at Revere High in the seventies, along with those first Nike's with the red swoosh.


Jordache Jeans! OMG, I

Jordache Jeans! OMG, I wanted a pair of those sosossososososososos bad, and when I finally got them, well, it was a special day indeed.

Wasn't this the last one??

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Wow. I used to walk by here when I worked in Downtown Crossing and could not believe that this place was still open. With all of the now building, it will probably become a high end shop in no time soon.

Ghetto Meadow

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Nah, there's one still in the Ghetto Meadow Mall (their headquarters).

Actually this picture is old, there's a sign now says "Coming soon, Men's Warehouse" in the window. I was just walking by there yesterday and saw it.

The question is

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The question is how exactly they lasted THIS long. Tellos is the Radio Shack of clothing stores.



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Brought my first silk shirt there. Amazed it was still open.

Sad day

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Sweats by Ebe

I believe I got my prom dress

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I believe I got my prom dress at Tello's - I remember it was a baby blue polyester number that matched my then boyfriends baby blue tux with the ruffles. Looking back now we looked like something out of Napoleon Dynamite.

I miss the local chains (Decelle's), I guess now it's all national chain department stores, how bland.