DPW worker charged with selling heroin out of his truck in Mattapan

The Globe reports the guy cleaned up in more ways than one - at least until officers who had him under surveillance at the Dana Avenue DPW yard arrested him on River Street.



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The Yard's in Hyde Park

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The Dana Street Yard is at the confluence of the Neponset and the Mother Brook, a short distance to Cleary Square.

I've thought this over, and now I've got a headache

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Yard in Hyde Park. Arrest in Mattapan. If it were West Roxbury and Roslindale, I could just say it was "the Parkway". But aside from population similarities, there's not much if a link. Mattapan is basically a part of Dorchrster (per my Dot Rat mom), racially linked to Roxbury (back to that Mandela township crap in the 1980s) and surprisingly linked to Milton across the river (in the early 20th century they shared newspapers). Hyde Park and Mattapan- I've got nothing.

Mattapan abuts dot and hyde

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Mattapan abuts dot and hyde park and milton. Mattapan is separate neighborhood from from dot with its own boundaries and everything. Milton is not part of boston. Mattapan is far away from roxbury. Roxbury was once a separate town from boston. Roxbury and west roxbury are similar in name only.
Mattapan has Simcos on the bridge. HYde Park has Ron's Icecream. Dot has the.Icecream Smith....yum!

Sometimes, it's a fine, um, line

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Like along Mass. Ave., basically from the river to Boston Medical Center (Back Bay! No, Fenway! No, South End! No, Roxbury!), but this one was pretty clear cut (now, if the arrest had been closer to Wood Avenue ...).


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When is Marty going to start getting rid of all these Menino layabouts?

Second offense

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The unpaid leave surprised me, but it is possibly due to it being his second strike. I am kind of surprised he was even hired with the heroin dealing on his record. I may be a liberal (as you may guess) on CORI items (people handling money shouldn't have records with theft, people dealing with kids shouldn't have sexual assaults, stuff like that, but if you've paid your debt, better to have a steady job than have nothing but the streets), but the City makes you jump through the hoops, yet he sailed in. I'm sure this and his priors will lead to a quick end to his career at the DPW.

It's my understanding that they usually give you the option of quitting. So either the City wants to look tough, or this guy is an idiot. Selling from a sweeper- the latter might be the case.

Same difference, sort of

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Be you civil service or union, you are not an employee at will. Therefore, a process must take place, charges must be proven.

Decades ago, I did some work for a lawyer who needed proof that a pilot for the airline she represented tried to rob the PX at Westover and ended up in a standoff with law enforcement. That's right, in this private sector case, they had to show something that said that Captain So-and-so was caught at the scene of a stickup. Three years after the incident.

Herion is not pot

I watched a once very attractive 25 year old pass out while standing up on the O'Brien Highway side of Lechmere last night and then coming to and asking for cigarettes. Smack isn't weed.

It's 2014

That person knew what the heroin did before they put it into their body. That's just straight up not my problem, man.

It is your problem jackass

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I will leave out the moral arguments as to why this is your problem as they will fall on deaf ears in your case. However this is still your problem because that person will eventually beat you to death for your shoes so they can try to pawn them to score another hit. Pot should be legal. Heroin should not. I can tolerate libertarianism but not stupidity. Jackass.

The union's response:

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The union's response:

“Unpaid leave is a crime, and it is completely unacceptable for the City to attack and abuse our union by not paying our members for ANY reason. Hey, even if Kenny WAS dealing heroin on 'City time,' whatever that's supposed to mean, so what? Lotsa people deal these days, OK? Look, the thing is this: If Kenny don't get paid, we don't get our dues from him, know what I'm sayin'? I mean, where does the City think all our coerced, uh, I mean, uh, resources come from? The dues, man, the dues!"

"And, next thing you know, a few more of our chumps, I mean, uh, valued union brothers will get put on unpaid leave for the same dumb reason or sumthin' else, and BAM! There goes the entire Democratic Party! I'm tellin' ya! Whoops, I mean, there goes our union! Yeah, that's it."

“This whole thing ain't good, and the City of Boston better take this unpaid leave stuff seriously...VERY seriously. It's really bad for the union. See, we need loads of dough from members' dues as the national HQ tries to increase our influence so they can strongarm McDonald's and other non-unionized employers. The future of unions and the future of the Democratic Party are at stake here."

"Actually, let's rewrite that last paragraph and just say the whole thing is just plain no good for the US of A.”

This is classic globe

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This is classic globe reporting. "Duties included street sweeping and dead animal collection," which is barely relevant but sets the tone of arrogance and schadenfreude. Not to mention publishing the guys pay rate which about what a MacDonalds manager makes. Classy. All he did was beef up a press release from the mayors office with baloney to make the word count.

Some free advice, don't ever talk to a globe reporter. Even if it's just at a little league game or something benign like that. They will misquote you or mention the mustard on your shirt and beer belly.

Journalism is dead.