A drone flight over the Arboretum

Matt Karolian bought himself a camera-equipped Phantom FC40 Quadcopter and took it out for a spin today at the Arnold Arboretum.



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    I don't think the FCC cares what anyone is doing with a drone unless it's interfering with a licensed transmission.

    I think you mean FAA. I believe there is some hight limit (400'?) below which you don't need FAA approval which most "toy" drones fall under.


    This is going to end badly

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    This really sucks for people who think they are just walking the Arboretum only to find out they are really on Youtube or some other social media because someone thought it was a good idea. This video isn't bad but I can see this easily moving in a creepy zone.


    Funny you say that...

    My husband and I were walking through the Arboretum yesterday and walked right by, as he was flying in the drone for a landing. We were just coming back from Pride and it was way too nice a day to wait around for a bus at Forest Hills, so we took a long stroll home through the Arboretum.
    The drone had four little turbines, but it was pretty quiet. Way too small to launch missiles (I hope!) but we figured there must be a camera on it.
    I totally expected to see us at the end of the video (and no big deal if we were), but there's only shots from way up high, where you can't make out all the people who were out that day. So he probably wants to give everyone their privacy and is only posting videos from a distance.

    No, just no

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    Go watch actual amateur drone footage before you comment. These things aren't equipped with cameras that have the kind of resolution that you would need to make out people on the ground. Think about wide camera angle shots of sports stadiums...oh no, you were the 14 pixels over there! What about your privacy!

    The point of these drones is landscape shots.


    Oh yea, nothing to worry

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    Oh yea, nothing to worry about TODAY. Because newer drones won't be more advanced than the current versions. Seriously?It's just a matter of time before drones have the ability to take pictures of people up close. So ya I'm still concerned about my privacy.

    If you ask my redneck cousin

    That's what hunting rifles are for.

    Seriously - her neighbor kept flying an RC copter with a camera off of her bedroom balcony. She let it be known that if she saw that damn thing hovering outside her bedroom window one more time, it would be target practice time.


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    It's just a matter of time before we evolve the ability to kill with psychic powers...I'd worry more about dying because you upset the neighbor than your hypothetical future privacy that's in no way being violated today.