Dropping like flies at Garden concert tonight

UPDATE: The Globe reports 36 people were transported to local hospitals while another 50 were treated at the scene.

Something like 30 people treated or taken away in ambulances from an Avicii concert at the Garden tonight due to excessive alcohol/drug consumption, per Stanley Staco and O'Ryan Johnson.

Around 9:20 p.m., Boston EMS declared a "level 2 mass casualty incident", which means up to 30 possible patients could need transportation to a hospital. Private ambulances were brought in to help handle the load; extra police were brought in from around the city as well.



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    I'm also very inclined to say that this is also heat related.

    Rave Drugs (E, K, etc) + Dancing + high temps/humidity + being indoors with thousands of little furnaces + little access to (free) cold water = Bad combo. Lots of over heated people.

    I speak from experience, I was a raver in a former life.

    how is the TD Garden's air-conditioning system?

    In the Old Garden, this would have been a disaster, but they also knew that and basically closed the place for the summer.

    If the New Garden's HVAC can handle a Stanley Cup playoff game in June, shouldn't they be able to deal with a concert crowd too?


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    I've been to enough concerts at the garden that you can be sitting in the upper levels and be sweating your balls off in December. And then a day like today, I'm sure the A/C's were barely keeping up.

    Also keep in mind we have the drug factor too. Many drugs like MDMA raise your core body temperature. So you're essentially a sweating little furnace. Then add the heat issue back in and people can become VERY dehydrated and over heat very quickly.

    Plus that's the other thing, the garden charges for EVERYTHING. 3 bucks for a bottle of water (or more)? And little access to water fountains (because the Garden wants you to buy water).

    Most true EDM Festivals/Concerts (like WMC) offer free water and cooling stations everywhere to prevent overheating. They know people will be on drugs and will overheat without it. Yeah it acknowledges that there will be drug use at the event but it stops issues like what's going on at the Garden now.

    Combine all of that with everything else and yes people will over heat irregardless of how well the A/C is working.


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    really really frown upon you refilling bottles inside the bathroom. (actually I was stopped by a guard)

    No Darwin awards

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    Darwin awards are only awarded to people who manage to kill themselves. Unless you know something that's not in these reports, nobody died, so these citizens can still go on to reproduce.

    The Darwin awards were

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    The Darwin awards were already awarded this week to the people who decided to drive their car in front of a train going 125 mph.

    Sorry, but

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    enough people have been hit by trains over the years that such action, no matter how bizarre the circumstances appear, no longer qualify somebody for either a Darwin Award or an Honorable Mention (a person whose actions would otherwise qualify for a Darwin but somehow survives).

    I recalled the site that

    I recalled the site that started it allowed one to win it even if still alive if the event sterilize the person. I recalled one darwin award was given to a man who decided on a dare to put is his balls in a ball washer of a bowling alley. You can guess on the details. He lived, but he's no longer capable of having children, thus he eligible for the award and won it despite being still alive.

    Was on a inbound greenline train this evening

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    Bunch of young kids going to the concert were on it. They looked maybe 15-16 tops. Loud, obnoxious, rowdy, but they were 'nice' kids from I believe Newton. I recall being extremely bullshit after a long day being stuck on this train for 15 odd minutes with these kids. Maybe some of them OD'ed. Karma. Yeah, I know I'm being mean spirited.


    Why do people insist on using drugs at concerts? Especially smoking whatever?

    When is the white suburban

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    When is the white suburban community going to take responsibility for the illegal drug use and activities of their children?


    2014 called

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    It wants to inform you there are plenty of Asian, Hispanic, black, mixed whatever in suburban cities and towns. There are even, dare I say it, privileged non-white kids and adults. I know, I know hard to believe, seems like the 1960s and fighting The (white) Man were only yesterday, but it's 50 years and trillions of $ later.

    They were taken away before they got into the garden!

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    How could this have been heat related when the kids were taken away before they even entered the garden! How ridiculous!

    This is an issue at every TD event. Everyone is in denial about everyone's level of alcohol use and more need to be in recovery.