A Dunkin' Donuts reduced to a pile of rubble

Inside the Government Center station

The T forwards this photo of the spot on the Government Center Green Line platform where the Dunkin' Donuts used to be as workers continue to tear apart the station as part of a two-year overhaul.

Also, the T reports workers uncovered another 100-year-old tile Scollay Under sign on one of the Blue Line platforms:

The goal is to keep it in place, and build the new stairs around it.

Scollay Under



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Ah, C'mon

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That sounds like a good start! Death to pink and orange!

I still don't get it

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I keep thinking the Hindenburg Disaster or something...

then again I'm often thick to such jokes..

Hugh Manatee

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Great friend of mine. Large in spirt as well as body. Graceful, flowed through the fluidic biosphere as though a ballet dancer by nature. He has a great place in Florida. Try to visit often.

Coming back?

I've been under the impression there will be no kiosk when the station reopens, let alone will Dunks be there.


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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am going to need this everyday with my new job because going upstairs to the one on the square is too much of a walk (and the one at Haymarket is too gross in the morning)

Come on, this is Boston, if a T station doesn't have a dunks in it, it's not a T station.

Did you notice the new vegan

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Did you notice the new vegan juice stand on Government Center plaza? Next to the Starbucks?

Once the new Government Center opens, we'll be directed there for our early morning pick me up.

New T station, new you.

uh yeah

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Couldn't care any less about it. Nothing gets between me and my morning dunks. Nothing.

Juice for a pick up? Who you kidding? Caffeine is where its at, babe..

You can't swing a cat without

You can't swing a cat without hitting a Dunks in that part of Boston. Go 1/4 in any direction from Government Center, and you'll find at least on Dunkins.

Or even better:

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Walk an extra couple of minutes to Red Barn on the ground floor of Faneuil Hall and get some real coffee.

For Example

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Try Pi Alley ... there is one right there. Two blocks, tops.

Pi Alley? Who has the time to walk that far?

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One of the things I loved about the old Government Center was that if you forgot to get a coffee at the Dunkin' Donuts right on the Green Line platform, no problem, there was a Dunkin' Donuts like 15 feet from the station exit. And if that one seemed a bit too busy, you could just walk another 100 feet or so, past the Starbucks with the steaming kettle, to yet another Dunkin' Donuts.

And if you were going in the

And if you were going in the other direction, no problem, just cross Cambridge Street, and...there you go. I do agree with the above posters about Red Barn. Far superior coffee.

Yes Pi Alley

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The one at the corner of Pi and Washington.

I know this alley all to well as my favorite friday night need frothy beverage spot is there...

I agree

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Memo To Ⓣ - Rename Station To "Scollay" (but NOT Scollay Square)

Or maybe something like "Scollay / Government Center". How can we make this happen?


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Can you imagine the tourists?

"How do I get to COPE-lee Square? Can I just get on at LETCH-meer? Or do I have to change trains at Scoll-LAY?"

Absolutely. We MUST name it this!


Wow the area is really

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Wow the area is really buzzing with people working, I can see why they couldn't let people use the station for 2 years.

Be real. Architects, owner's

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Be real. Architects, owner's reps and the like (white hats) often do site tours and field inspections when there's no work being done because, safety. Jesus.




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If they want to keep

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the Scollay Under sign, why does it say DEMO in big letters with big arrows all around it?

"We're keeping stuff, just ignore the big sign that says DEMOLISH THIS above it."

Probably because

Probably because they're taking the tilework down, demolishing the wall, and then putting the tiles elsewhere/on the new wall.

Dunkin Tidbit

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This reminds me of some Dunkin and T trivia..

When the Orange Line North (to Oak Grove) opened in the 1970s, each station was designed to have a Dunkin Donuts in it. Of Course now whether it is still a Dunkin is up for debate, but when that line opened they ALL were Dunkin Donuts stores. I guess Boston really does run on Dunkin..