E-mail messages could be trouble for New York Post in Marathon-photo defamation suit

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly reports on the content of messages to and from Post editors over the photo of those two local high-school kids fingered as Marathon-bombing suspects on the paper's front page who turned out to have nothing at all to do with the bombing.




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It's unfair to rags to

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It's unfair to rags to compare them to the NY Post.

At least they can be used to dust furniture.

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Because there's nothing that can't be seen through the lens of partisan politics if you look hard enough.

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Everything associated with

Everything associated with Rupert Murdoch is slime. I hope that the victims of the New York Post's effort to gin up public fear by feeding into stereotypes costs them dearly.

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This doesn't sound good for

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This doesn't sound good for the NY Post:

Post Editor Col Allen — ignoring FBI advice to ‘verify information through appropriate official sources before reporting’ — directed his team to ‘be [a] little bolder and say FBI seeks these men. … If we are gonna take the risk let it be worthwhile.’ This was exactly the type of ‘inaccurate information’ from ‘unofficial sources’ that the FBI had warned against reporting, and it is precisely the kind of reckless conduct the law of defamation exists to remedy.”

I hope the harmed people's lawyers go for blood. Junk faux news and propaganda outlets should become less profitable than doing legitimate journalism.

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