An early particle accelerator?

Mystery platform under construction in Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can figure out what this is and when the photo was taken. See it larger.



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    Forest Hills

    I'm guessing the Forest Hills elevated station. I can't tell whether they'd be constructing it, or doing a renovation.

    Forest Hills station

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    Forest Hills station being built (it was originally elevated) probably 1905 - 1909.

    Orange Line

    Orange Line/Washington Street facing towards downtown. Probably when the Forest Hills station was being built.

    Facing South-

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    It looks to be facing towards Roslindale and Hyde Park. Hyde Park Ave is on the left, the brick building in the photo is still at the corner of Tower Street (convenience store on the corner) which leads up to a gate to Forest Hills Cemetary. I think you can see the turn off of Washington Street onto South Street on the right side of the photo as well.

    Here's the view looking north

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    Here's the view looking north up Washington Street as the el was under construction in 1908.
    The Arborway (barely a decade old) crosses in the foreground. The portion this side of the Metropolitan Coal Company building and closest to the station had massive concrete-clad piers clogging things up below, with the more typical steel girders thereafter towards downtown. Construction of the station was nearing completion by Novemeber 1909. Image from "The Boston Transit Album", 1981 Bradley H. Clarke