East Boston entrepreneur wants to open a virtual-reality cafe

Using Oculus Rift headsets, hopefully in the area of Kenmore Square, the Boston Business Journal reports.



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$50k startup for a food and

$50k startup for a food and drink venue in (maybe) Kenmore which will cover all expenses for four months with a plan to open in 5-7 months.

This will be a learning experience for sure.

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I dont think $50k will cover the consultant fees to get space and licensing, and wont touch rent, the actual liquor license, or any operating expenses at all. And forget Kenmore, we're talking maybe Central or Inman, at best with that kind of money. Maybe Ball Sq.

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I also just realized that

I also just realized that this kid wants to serve alcohol to people using virtual reality headsets. I want to puke from one of those things SOBER. I hope a large part of that $50k goes towards sawdust.

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If he got the idea

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in South Korea, China, and Japan, he should pick a spot in Allston. It has a vibrant Asian community and is a draw for Asians from other towns looking for Asian products.

Kenmore Square is too bland for this kind of business, though I can see the appeal of placing it near MIT.

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The Lyons group can easily

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The Lyons group can easily open a similar cafe on landsdowne street around the corner from kenmore sq and compete...don't think it's a good idea.open it up in Eastie in central square, keep your business local!!!

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