East Boston triple decker catches on fire

Smoke from Maverick Street fire in East Boston.

Smoke rising from Maverick Street. Photo by Tyler Jedrey.

Firefighters rushed to 111 Maverick St., around 8:50 a.m. for a fire on the third floor. The fire was knocked down around 9:05 a.m.



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      Triple deckahs

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      Just a point of clarification: Triple deckers do not have mansard roofs. They usually have flat roofs. That's not a triple decker. It's a 2 1/2 story Victorian.

      Triple deckahs

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      The triple decker was behind the Victorian. The picture was taken from a distance.

      God Bless These Brave Men and Women!!!!!

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      I was on my way to downtown from the Orient heights neighborhood when I knew something big was up. I saw the large response of emergency personal from my local firehouse to the ones rushing from downtown and Charlestown. I made eye contact with a firefighter in downtown as he was responding to eastie whom had no sense of fear. At that moment it sent chills down my spine knowing that these brave souls are running into harms way as everyone else is going about their normal routines.