Eating downtown

Daisy provides some alternatives to subs and burgers.



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    Sultan's Kitchen and Falafel King

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    Addicted to the former, but never mind the latter. Can be hard to get a seat in either, though. Can't wait for it to be warm enough to eat on the Greenway or in Columbus Park again.

    I like both of those too

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    But if I want Middle Eastern, I usually opt for Boston Kebab House on Kilby St, mainly because they have plenty of seating and it's relatively cheap (it's not quite up to par with Sultan's Kitchen but is a good standby).

    Falafel King

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    Falafel King is overrated. Black Seed around the corner has a better falafel sandwich.

    I had the lamest bowl of pho of my life at Sa Pa,

    on top of which it was insultingly overpriced. Nobody who knows that Chinatown has half a dozen Vietnamese joints with far superior pho, banh mi and more at much better prices a couple of blocks away should bother with this place.

    New comment counter

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    Adam, off-topic, but there are still bugs with the "new comments" counter on posts. Posts where I have read all the comments will suddenly show all the comments as new the next time I visit UHub.

    Anyone else seeing this?


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    its buggy... even if I refresh refresh refresh it still doesn't reset it.


    Very close by, lots of good places to eat.

    I like the variety that the food trucks bring to the area, as well as the vendors at the Farmer's Market in season.

    There is also a decent Thai place on High Street near Howl at the Moon that deserves mention.

    Karo’s BBQ is a good one

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    Its a chicken kebob cart is near Downtown Crossing, you got salad, rice pilaf, the chicken and the House Dressing made the meal. I would ask for two or three cups of it just so I can dip my pita bread in there. My mom was friends with the owner and would ask for a bottle of the dressing so she can take it home.

    The only issue for me with them is they only accept Cash.

    I think...

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    The last time I saw them was near State St. Station, in the area where the old Newberry comics use to be.

    A few of my personal

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    A few of my personal favorites. Cafe De Boston, (supposedly they're owned by the same people as Boston Kebab House), Milk Street Cafe, Freshii.