Eddie from Malden says he's selling one of the Hilltop cows

Specifically, one of the calves. He wants $3,000 and says that's non-negotiable, so don't even think of trying to bargain him down.

If you think like me. You too will know this stuff will be worth big money!! Plus it's a cool conversation piece.

Via Boston Reddit.



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      who wouldn't buy a fake cow from a guy named Eddie from Malden.? Well, maybe a guy named Vinnie from Everett.


      ... or the street-value equivalent in oxys?

      After spending $3000 dollars

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      After spending $3000 dollars on a hilltop cow my friends will have a really cool conversation piece about how I wasted $3000 dollars on a hilltop cop.


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      Didn't a few of them go missing?