'EEI mouth blasts Globe, Herald and Keith Olbermann

WEEI's Kirk Minihane says they're all out to get him because of their agendas, not just because he said something really stupid about Erin Andrews. Minihane explains what he says is the Globe's agenda (they have four writers who get paid to appear on 'EEI's archenemy station); doesn't really lay out the Herald's or Olbermann's agendas, except to say they have them. Oh, yeah, and Deadspin is run by a bunch of hypocritical clickwhores.



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    He's not wrong.


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    Is the worst!

    That was so awful, I had to turn it off

    Defending your assholery by pointing out that other assholes dislike you is so damned feeble. Hanging out with the rightie Statler & Waldorf of sports blather clearly isn't good for Mini-Hate.

    He called her a bitch. If he

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    He called her a bitch. If he had called Al Michaels and asshole would that have been better? Or is she protected because she's a woman? How can a feminist defend this double standard?

    Strawman, strawman, happy little strawman!

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    How do we know what would have happened if he had called some male reporter an asshole? We don't, because he didn't, but I suspect the result would be the same.

    In any case, Minihane himself admitted it was a stupid thing to say. Go read his own post. No need to get all double-standardy and MRA here.


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    "...but I suspect the result would be the same."

    You're either an idiot or a liar. Maybe both.

    I suspect that if Minihane had called her

    an asshole, there would have been much less controversy, as it's a gender-neutral insult.

    A man calling a woman a bitch -- more specifically, saying "“What a bitch. I hate her. What a gutless bitch. Seriously, go away. Drop dead!" -- is something different.

    If you're not bright enough to figure out why, ask your mom or your sister.

    The point is....

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    Would he have made the same comment regarding gaining (or losing) 15 pounds if he was talking about Al Michaels? Of course not - no double standard here, just another loud mouth who has had his 15 minutes and, who, hopefully, we will not have to hear about ever again....

    Radio. I remember those days.

    Radio. I remember those days.

    8 song rotation from artists signed to record companies who own the radio station.

    No one else permitted.

    Or anger radio. Taking heads whipping up the country into opposing camps over stupid stuff that nobody remembers a week later.

    Ill stick with Pandora and Spotify thanks.

    Or my IPod

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    I bet you my IPod's music library eats any spotify or pandora station for breffast.

    Defense of Radio

    Try listening to below 92Mhz on the dial. Boston is an excellent radio town!

    Here are my favorite station. No shock jocks, no corporate playlists, no ads. It's much better then Pandora most of the time:

    WMBR (88.1)
    WZBC (90.3)
    WHRB (95.3) - Technically a commercial station but acts non-commercial
    WMFO (91.5)
    WUMB (91.9)

    Also Jazz-killer WGBH (89.7) and WBUR (90.9) are the NPR stations. I don't love either but NPR reporting is pretty reasonable.


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    I always wondered about that--why is it commercial? It has the best jazz show in town now, weekday mornings, btw.

    Bonus Based Buffoonery

    Entercom must be paying this buffoon a bonus every time he gets them some sort of publicity. No matter how bad it night be. It all reeks of desperation.

    Erin is ok. I think her

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    Erin is ok. I think her comment in question might be reflective of her experience when someone peep holed her and took a pic of her au nude and put it on the internet, kind of commiserating with the pitcher and his alleged fluff ball to Jetz, ect. ect. This guy just went off the rails, maybe jealous. If you know your sports, you really don't get enlightened by these reporters anyway, but Erin is kind on the eyes.

    Well they have been defending Pam Oliver....

    Who basically does the exact same thing Erin Andrews does except she's older and black. Oliver got fired, Andrews gets promoted because of her looks basically. Maybe not a reason to call her a bitch, but there is and issue there in my opinion.

    Things just got worse for Minihane and WEEI

    "Fox Sports has decided to pull all of its advertising from Entercom-owned radio stations and has banned its personalities from appearing on WEEI in the wake of host Kirk Minihane’s recent controversial comments regarding reporter Erin Andrews."

    More from BDC here.