El Kabong: Man charged with bashing Cambridge restaurant owner in the head with a guitar

Wicked Local Cambridge reports a man who claims he lives at the Friend Street Hostel in Boston was arrested on charges that he responded to news that a Cambridge restaurant would not serve him because it was closed by repeatedly smacking the restaurant owner in the head with a guitar he happened to have with him.



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    Unique name but...

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    I would never suggest that this is the same 36 year-old Shenandoah Hawkins who happens to have a previous alcohol-related offense:


    Because today's 36 year-old Shenandoah Hawkins seems like a reasonable and sober guy, ya know, viewing a restaurant being closed as a "dick" move that merits an attack. Allegedly.

    That's Cambridge for you.

    First non-Knockout, Knockouts outside The Cellar, musical instrument assaults in Central Square, and recently a murder on Putnam Street.

    Cambridge, what a fetid cesspool of crime. Is there anyplace safe in that town? How do people live there?

    The Dude

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    who did the teasing was from Cambridge. Where do you think he practiced his award-winning technique?

    Great reference

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    Seriously Adam - how do you remember these things?

    The only reason it registered is the cat woke me up at 4:30 am begging for his morning repast and while still in a sleep induced haze scrolling through some morning news sites including UH I saw the words El Kabong and guitar and an ancient memory flashed in my head. Never would have gotten the connection fully conscious.

    Thumbs up on the post for a fun but long lost reminder of my yoot!

    Which restaurant at Mass Ave

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    Which restaurant at Mass Ave and Brookline St?

    Hi-Fi Pizza is currently closed for a hood repair, according to the handwritten sign on the door.

    The Middle East has been pretty busy over the last few days, with a festival that involved closing Brookline Street to put up a movie screen and snowboarding ramp.