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Fuzzy dogs in Boston

Brian D'Amico photographed the return of the comfort dogs to the Back Bay today. The dogs, sponsored by Lutheran Church Charities, first came to Boston in the aftermath of the Marathon last year.

Copyright Brian D'Amico. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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    Truly wonderful people, even

    Truly wonderful people, even more wonderful dogs.

    They'll be available Saturday, 10am – 4pm, Sunday 12:30pm - 2:30pm, and Monday 9am-2pm. During those times there should be at least a couple dogs at First Lutheran Church on Berkeley by Marlborough, though you may also run into the dogs elsewhere in Back Bay, possibly around Copley & the Marathon route.

    They ask for nothing of those they serve, though I do know they seek donations, especially for their travel fund. One of the dogs here this weekend is from CT, but the other four flew in from Chicago with their handlers, to be here for the people of Boston.

    Wonderful, wonderful work!

    Your beautiful photos captured perfectly the comfort these wonderful dogs provide. The photo of the person in the wheelchair hugging the dog left me weeping. Thank you for the work you do, you have a amazing eye.

    Thank you, and everyone. I

    Thank you, and everyone. I make these images for all of you, especially in this case, where I'm trying to share the love these dogs showed me with all of you. I don't always photograph beautiful things, but I try my hardest to at every chance I get.

    And if you get the chance, go see these dogs yourself, they live to make you feel wonderful.


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    They are such a beautiful and loving breed. Huge gratitude to the people that organized their visit.

    Looks like a good gig

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    That the dogs have there.

    Keep up the good work, LCC! And kudos to you, Brian D'Amico for catching these great moments on film.