Emirates Lady couldn't savor her meal with all the racket Drink Run Guy was making

Ads at South Station

At South Station on the Red Line.



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I don't know why, but every

Every McDonalds MBTA ad is obnoxious as hell to me. They have some of the worst taglines filled with what I guess is attempts at "hip" and "urban" langauge in a stream of consiousness manner, written by what must be a 16 year old

I guess someone needs to hire

I guess someone needs to hire all the barely literate kids we shove out of schools with worthless degrees in the city. If it works for citizens connect, it should work for McDonalds.

I thought this was going to

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I thought this was going to be about how when you sit in the tavern on the square homeless people go up to you and ask you how much a shot of whiskey is

Ad style

It almost seems like MickyD's has adopted something between IKEA and a generic Asia-based chicken restaurant chain in its ad appearance.

Good morning

That incessant off-key "Good Morning, good morning" commercial is going to send me to a rest home before long.


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They HAVE to get rid of that faux-hip "ba da ba ba ba" theme - it's been around way too long, and we deserve a break TODAY!!!