Euroclothier to move into former Filene's

The Boston Business Journal reports that Primark will be leasing four floors in the renovated Filene's building in Downtown Crossing.

Also planned for the project: A Roche Bros.



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    Isn't that H & M on

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    Isn't that H & M on Washington street a Euroclthier ? Need more places like Surman's was , good man , Jack !



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    now i don't have order my Banana Hammock online, i can try it first.

    I've never heard of this

    I've never heard of this store, but from the website it sounds like another version of H&M, Zara, or TopShop. In other words, cheap, sweatshop-made clothing.


    Will have to check this out

    Hopefully, they will carry the full range of sizes so I won't have to buy Manboy's school clothing in Europe again.

    I'm not hopeful that they won't make the same bizarre error that H&M does in carrying too many tiny womens sizes and hardly any thing small in the mens sizes (which Manboy wears and can find in abundance in the EU, but not the US).


    Um, huh?

    Not sure what is snobby about buying clothes that fit your kid at affordable prices while traveling for work, when that size isn't generally available in the US. Going to WE in Germany was very economical when my son doesn't fit in anything from Target, and is too tall for JC Penney size 18 anymore. There was a very good selection in his size for an EXTREMELY SNOBBY $30 per pair for SNOB JEANS!

    I guess it would be unsnobby to spend $$$$$$$$$ at Abercrackie or pay $60 per pair for Levis at Macy's???? Because those are the options, locally.

    Of course, I could always get him pants that are way too big so he could belt them fashionably below his ass ... just to be unsnobby.

    On your bizarro planet, I guess I'm also snobby because I get my younger son's clothes off the tables at Costco because he's in their size range?


    What's with "Manboy"? On

    What's with "Manboy"? On first read it sounded like a comment to European style clothing. On second it sounded like you are calling your son a Manboy (and manboy is not usually in a neutral, descriptive, or complimenting context).


    Pseuds/pet names

    Manboy is 18, more man than boy (compared to Boyman, who is 16).

    Descriptive, not perjorative.



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    I'm a tiny woman and H&M is one of the only stores where clothes fit me!

    If women's size 0 pants get any larger, I'm going to have to start shopping at Children's Place. Seriously.


    That would work

    Except that he's nearly 6' tall.

    Perhaps he should still wear his kindergarten teacher's nick name for him, "Skinny-as-can-be".

    Swirls , you have to load him

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    Swirls , you have to load him up with the spud , PEI 's are the best. Fry in the bacon fat with onions for breakfast , the French fries with lunch , and boil a few with the supper. He will be the size of a middle linebacker in a year. Then he can wear Carhatt's , stock sizes !

    I agree! H&M is one of about

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    I agree! H&M is one of about 2 stores that carry adult women's clothing small enough for me, and the only one I can think of that carries all of its items in these smaller sizes (rather than having a much smaller and more limited "petite" line.

    I'm glad there will be some

    I'm glad there will be some type of clothing store as it was before. It is unfortunate it can't be fame old store anymore. It's messed up that they died waiting as apparently a humongous portion and their revenue and profit was from the single flagship store. If the project was never expedited to start before it was truly vetted or lucky enough to finish, Filene's Basement would still be around.


    "If the project was never

    "If the project was never expedited to start before it was truly vetted or lucky enough to finish, Filene's Basement would still be around."


    The hole in the ground is

    The hole in the ground is because Boston allowed the project to start before financing was confirmed and the permitting itself was rushed. If it was done on normal speed, the economy would have collapse before it was started. If it was vetted correctly, it would have either stopped the project before it started or force them to grab financing to complete it anyways (or killed enough time for the economy to collapse).

    Normally, I lean minimal government involvement which has to mean zoning and permitting both for invasiveness and wasting time. But I do recognize, with irony, the normal speed could have bought enough time for the project to die by economic forces. And/or greater scrutiny might have either found they actually don't have the money or force them to secure it while the possibility to secure it was still possible.

    In either scenario, Filene's Basement would have survived. Either they would have stayed opened and continue to provide the vital income they needed. Or reopen in the timeline they were able to withstand the loss of business.


    I happen to know that Vornado

    I happen to know that Vornado had financing in place when the initial permits were issued. They demo'd half the buildings, and then lost that financing when the market crashed. The city, IMO, didn't act fast enough to yank those permits and get a new developer in there, when they knew the project wasn't going to happen. While Vornado was dicking around with this site, it was also putting together plans to develop a giant skyscraper opposite Penn Station in NYC. The company had access to funding, but probably not a cheaply as it had pre-2008.

    The city really yanked around the Landmarks Commission here, because Vornado wanted that entire site clear, and because Menino and the BRA wanted that project, they pressured the Commission to cave. What ended up getting saved were only the oldest, Burnham-designed parts of the building.

    A Grocery - at last!

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    The Roche Brothers is the much bigger deal here! A supermarket will be a huge plus for making downtown x-ing a more complete 24hr community.


    No doubt

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    A couple of things about it: I didn't make it the main thing in the post because it was actually announced last fall. Also, it's only about 3,000 square feet, so probably lots of prepared meals, but not so much large variety of cereal.


    They are shrinking the size

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    They are shrinking the size of the supermarkets, eliminating aisles for stuff that people don't buy in a supermarket, surprised I haven't seen lawn mowers and such. In Medfield , Rochies is making a small store, even though they have a good sized store down the 109 not too far.

    Plans for Roche Bros. in Medfield unveiled
    Since closing in February, Lord’s Department Store has sat empty, its contents long since removed, with many in town asking what would become of the sought-after space at the corner of Main and South streets.In June, it was announced that the grocery store chain Roche Bros. would become the new tenant at t...

    That makes a lot of sense

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    That makes a lot of sense here. With Walgreens and CVS nearby, no point in duplicating that stock.

    HAVING said that, a hardware store would be a nice addition, if the plan is to get more neighborhood resident friendly stores. More destination shopping is probably a better idea.

    If you mean the Bros. new

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    If you mean the Bros. new Medfield venture , with respect to a hardware store , there is a Rocky's hardware down the 109 too , ( it sits in a former Maxie and Nat 's 9 to 9 supermarket), so I don't think two could survive that close by , a hardware store needs to have a lot of stuff ,$$$$$ , or people won't go there , to get some but not all ingredients , for a work project. Medfield is lucky the Bros. are doing what they are doing, but I bet the prices will be a tad dear, to offset the critical mass volume that won't exist, but that's ok , if you need it , you will buy it.


    That's what I'm excited about, too. A real grocery store on my way home!

    Primark, as I recall, is somewhere between a Walmart and a Target for quality and pricing so that gets a resounding "meh" from me. I've been to the flagship store in Picadilly and I remember it being sadly Walmart-y.

    Nothing like Walmart

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    Primark is nothing like Walmart. Its prices are lower, it only carries clothing and accessories.

    It also carries very trendy items that sell out almost immediately. Often, one sees Princess Kate wearing some exorbitantly expensive designer outfit broken up by a 5 pound blouse from Primark. Once she's been photographed in that blouse, they literally go flying out the door.

    I remember seeing a rack of orange trenchcoats being brought to the floor. They were all snapped up in a matter of minutes. I then saw that orange trenchcoat on the streets at least 3 times a day for the next season or two.

    Walmart and Target are not trendy; Primark can be very cheap and very trendy.

    Also, just to be a stickler, it isn't in Picadilly - its right by Oxford Circus on Oxford Street.


    Primark....Mixed Feelings

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    Having lived in London for 5 out of the last 10 years, I am quite familiar with Primark.

    London has a very different retail environment from that of the US. They do not have sales there regularly (although that is changing). Instead, like France, they only have sales after Christmas for about a month, and also in July. You never see any "sale racks" in stores otherwise.

    As a result of that sale schedule, plus the fact that everything in the UK is so damned expensive, Primark really serves a purpose - cheap clothing made overseas (probably under not-so-great working conditions). You can go to Primark's flagship Oxford St. store in London any day of the week and it is absolutely heaving with shoppers - so crowded you can barely see the merchandise. (Not to mention there's no air conditioning because they don't really have any in London) (so between the crowds, the lack of air, and the heat, it can get pretty stinky in there)(lots of people who would rather spend 3 pounds on a beer instead of deodorant).

    As for the clothing, its probably on par with H&M, some of it is absolute crap, but I have numerous t-s and polo shirts (at about 2.50 pounds, or $4.20 per shirt)(It is really cheap!) that have been worn and laundered many, many times and still look great.

    My question is, however, with all the places where you can get discount clothing at any time of the year, from Marshall's to TJMaxx, from Target to the clearance racks at Gap and Old Navy, is Primark really necessary when we have so many other options here? We'll see.