Evening commute no piece of cake on newly beleaguered B Line

If you thought you could avoid the problems on the C and D lines caused by derailment-induced bustitution by hopping on a B train, great idea - except that everybody else was thinking that, too.

Around 5:30, Teagan Rae reported:

It's insane. Three B Lines in a row completely packed.



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Eh, even if your Red Line

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Eh, even if your Red Line train sits at a station for a half hour with a door stuck open, its overall average speed seems about the same as the Green Line moving normally.

Crowded but . . .

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Plenty of room in the back of the train. Most people are afraid to push their way through the lemmings stopped at the doorways.

But I'm not.

A strong "Excuse me--I'm coming through" works wonders. You have to say it loudly, to penetrate iPod ears. It sounds like I'm screaming but I'm not.

You have to push firmly through the crowd to get past the giant backpacks. It feels like I'm being aggressive but I'm not.

And if I haven't made myself clear: I AM COMING THROUGH.

Three B lines in a row

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Three B lines in a row completely packed? Normal. Stop complaining, noob.

(seriously, most annoying thing on the Green Line? Even more than lumps-o-dung who stand in the doorways and oblivious twits whose music you can hear 20 feet away even though they're wearing earbuds? Sawwwwwks fans and tourists who WON'T SHUT UP complaining about how crowded it is)